When your kid goes to school, they control the narrative of what your family looks like. Sure, teachers spend enough time around the little exaggerators to know half the words flying out of their mouths are utter nonsense. Though sometimes, a kid blurts out such a revealing jewel about their parents, it has gotta be rooted in a fraction of truth. Or does it?

These schoolyard Picassos royally stuck it to their mortified parents by calling them out in their class assignments. Little did the children know, their innocent admissions resulted in gut-busting laughter from their teachers and some pretty red faces from mom and dad!

1. Dad thought he’d gotten away with it, too, until Junior whipped up this masterpiece in school. And after he explicitly told him not to squeal about those graveyard dances. Those meddling kids. They’ll get ya every single time. 

2. Through the eyes of this young Van Gogh, his parents live in a physical bubble. A gas bubble, to be more specific. Evan knows his Mommy suffers through those silent but deadlies with a smile on her face.

3. Looks like someone might have a future as a courtroom sketch artist. Whatever inspired this youngster to crayon out this scene, well, let’s hope it’s an overactive imagination. Otherwise, someone might want to run over to Billy’s house to check on his Dad.

4. After years of smiling through excruciating dinners, young Bailey came up with the perfect plan. She folded some paper, scribbled out a few generalized compliments, then squeezed in the hard truth right at the end. Better take some tips from the kid, Mom, cause you’ve been roasted!

5. This Mom received a lot of judgemental looks from the teacher at the open house, which really confused her. Then, she walked past her child’s art hanging on the wall. When she showed the drawing to her coworkers at the Home Depot they had a good chuckle.

6. What Kyle was trying to say with his before-and-after comparison drawing of his mom was that she’s a dynamic woman that really can do both. That was lost in translation. To be fair, the assignment was designed for kids to put their feet in their mouths. 

7. Not sharing, using curses, shoving on the playground — of all the calls you can get from your child’s principal, hearing that your baby drew a picture labeling you as an evil mom getting digested in the belly of a similarly evil snake is the most amusing.

8. With the never-ending list of things that a mom does for her children, it’s always special when they receive heartfelt thanks…especially after watching mom leave Billy in that box behind Applebees, it’s a good idea to keep her happy.

9. Kids pick up on everything, mostly when you hope they don’t. One observant rascal let it slip that his parents share conflicting views over social media, putting his mom on blast for her Facebook usage, and, even better, his dad’s “allergy.”

10. If the bleak content of this story wasn’t enough of a hint that things aren’t super chill at home, the empty soulless eyes did the trick. Thank goodness that pudding can fill the holes in your heart that an absent father leaves behind.

11. Just your typical nuclear family, Mommy, Daddy, Julian and the very seedy unsettling demon that is stalking boy. Julian didn’t find it strange that he was seeing a shadowy figure, as he felt the best way to break the news was via a school assignment. 

12. Television’s famous Doctor Phil often uses the parenting phrase: “It takes a thousand ‘atta boys’ to erase one ‘you’re an idiot.’” The same goes for repairing your reputation with your child’s teacher after the little stinker spills the beans that you’re a “suck it up” family.

13. And you thought Dear John letters were brutal. Try getting the news that there’s no hope for rekindling your romance with your wife from a multicolored note written by your kid. You’d break out in a cold sweat every time they’d bring home an art project.

14. This child attempted to pen a handmade card for their dad and whoops. Looks like this kid covered their tracks with a neat X so dad wouldn’t notice. Though, they’d better fess up; after all, whoever denies it, supplies it.

15. What’s more concerning? The medical condition that caused this mom to burp up poop on her child’s bed or that said child was driven to stay in a hotel to escape their mom’s antics to enjoy a body-fluid-free sleeping space?

16. Before you pass judgment on this mom, make sure you’ve tried the deliciousness that’s a bag of Cheetos, stale or freshly opened. Look, not every day is going to be a farm-to-table level snacktime. Mom’s got a life too! Plus, they played math games. It’s a balance.

17. Explaining the circle of life to kids is tricky, but this family needs to have another go at the conversation. Nina feels entirely too comfortable with the idea that mom would be out of the picture. That, or Miss Mac is really cool. 

18. The teacher nearly spat out her coffee flipping through her class’ renditions of the “The Wheels on the Bus” nursery rhyme. No real explanation for why this child felt compelled to add this particular combination of letters to the side of the rig carrying these smiling travelers.

19. Guilt-tripping lessons started young in this household. As if the words weren’t harsh enough, this son made a visual to drive home his point. Dad’s had several sleepless nights after getting served this heaping dose of shame.

20. Aunts aren’t immune to humiliation at the hands of little rugrats. This niece scrawled out an innocent love letter to her tita, making sure to shout out her favorite thing in the world — money. 

21. It’s always touching when your child makes you the subject of their artwork unprompted. You get the satisfaction of knowing that all your love and attention doesn’t go unnoticed. Neither does that nightly glass of red you sneak off to drink in the dining room.

22. There are two things Brendan knows about his dad. First off, that guy is a hell of an employee. He really has mastered going to work every Monday through Friday. Number two: Dad enjoys a drink. Truly he hates being thirsty.

Lucky for these embarrassed parents, the kids won’t always be so young and eager to overshare. Once they reach their teen years, they’ll be able to feel the full weight of parental shame when their fathers step into the arena ready to throwdown their worst dad jokes.

Mom Junction

1. This man saw an amazing opportunity to turn an unexciting three-letter word into a hilarious four-letter word with a simple stretch of the arms. Ten points for being a wordsmith.

2. When this guy’s daughter offered to take him for a car ride after she finally earned her learner’s permit, he knew he needed to prep for the worst. Whether she hits a wall or a lake, he’s ready.

3. This father was the only guy in his office that day, so with a little trick photography and some Photoshop fun, he texted this picture to his kid. Now he can slack off in every role.

4. A dad definitely wrote these instructions. Somewhere there’s a guy named Phil who has no idea where his screwdriver is, and those air quotes around the word “borrowed’ imply he never will.

5. It’s always cool to add new ornaments to a Christmas tree every year so it’s not the same boring collection over and over. This father wants his kids to know he’s proud in the most festive way possible.

6. What happens when you can’t figure out how to pry the plastic lid off of a pie? You grab a serrated blade and go Michael Myers on it. Sure, dad got his piece, but now the lid’s useless.

7. This is the face of a man who just realized he was accidentally eating his sandwich wrapper along with the actual sandwich. He was probably wondering why the restaurant’s new “wraps” tasted crinkly.

8. One man’s kid got him a Kindle for his birthday because he loved reading so much. As you can see, he also loves the tangibility of actual books and used the Kindle as a bookmark, instead.

9. This is what winning looks like. Why bend over and put strain on your lower back pushing your kid in a tricycle when chasing him with a leaf blower gets the job done perfectly?

10. This is what happens when mom says, “Honey, you take care of Halloween costumes this year.” Now, promoting smoking or drinking to anyone underage certainly isn’t advisable, but that kid looks so adorable as a pack of Marlboro Reds.

11. It doesn’t matter how many hours you spend in a car or how close you are to your destination; if you see a sign that says “chugwater,” you pull the car over and snap a selfie.

12. Okay, this might be a pretty corny play on words, but at least the card did include 25 bucks. It’s too bad there’s no place to purchase a better sense of humor for someone.

13. Every father wants their daughter to bring home a boyfriend who’s respectable and nice. But whoever ends up falling for this girl better also have a healthy dose of courage, as well.

14. This guy’s got it all figured out. When your hands aren’t nimble enough to fashion a cute ponytail, a vacuum does the trick! Everyone will think her dad’s a stylist when she gets to school.

15. In an effort to congratulate his son for making it through high school, this guy awarded him a whopping check worth four dollars. First lesson post-school: Life’s going to disappoint you sometimes.

16. After months of failed attempts trying to grow pineapples, this guy finally found the formula that worked. He couldn’t just tell people the good news; he needed a professional photo shoot to show off his pride and joy.

17. This guy’s son apparently wanted him to loan out 20 bucks, but the request was denied. Dad couldn’t just say no, however. He wrote a professionally worded letter stating his case.

18. Parents and social media rarely mix well together, and this picture proves it. Dad just had to think of the corniest toilet joke ever and send it to his kid via Snapchat.

19. When you’re a dad, it’s a rule you have to embarrass your kids a least a little bit. Case in point: Put your son’s birthday gifts in a bright pink Victoria’s Secret bag.

20. This guy just couldn’t resist making this joke before leaving the supermarket. You can imagine quite a reluctant person was behind the camera, but they eventually gave in to his pleas to be funny.

Dad’s love to act funny, there’s no doubt about it. But, that doesn’t mean when both mom and dad team up and put their wits together hilarity doesn’t ensure. Sometimes it’s actually even better.

1. When you’re a parent, it’s easy to start to feel a little bit like an ATM machine. Luckily, this mom has a real sense of humor when it comes to meeting her son’s hilariously over-the-top demands for cash.


2. It can also be tough to get information from your kids about what’s going on in their lives, especially once they hit those tricky teen years. Thankfully, the path to every teen’s heart (or mind) is through their stomach. These parents didn’t even have to say one word in order to inquire about their son’s new flame; they let the cake speak for itself!


3. For most parents, hitting a deer in the middle of the road is a cautionary tale to their children about the dangers of driving. For this dad, it was a chance to stage a hilarious, albeit macabre, photo shoot.


4. When you’re a teenager on social media, you like to think that it’s the perfect place to escape from your annoying parents. These folks proved that not even Facebook is safe from parents with a good sense of humor.


5. You’ve just got to love a dad who finds new and inventive ways of saying “no” when it comes to giving out money for gas. Some people would be tempted to reject their children’s requests outright, but this wise guy preferred hilarious prop comedy.


6. There’s a reason why it can be super annoying when your mom or dad learns some new “hip” slang. But let’s be honest: while these texts surely irked his son, they are pretty darn funny to everyone else!


7. It’s amazing what a difference age and gender can make when it comes to these goofy web challenges. What looks like a cute fun activity for this teenager and her friends looks more like the beginning of a horror movie as soon as her dad gives it a shot!


8. While everyone can agree that babies are sweet and adorable, they can also be a little, well… boring. Unless, that is, you are this parent with a lot of time (and fake eyelashes) on your hands. Too funny.


9. Parents aren’t the only ones getting in on the hilarious action of pranking their kids. When these fellas photobombed their sleeping grandfather, he knew that for the best revenge he just needed to wait until their nap time…


10. People make a lot of jokes about contractors being unreliable, but this father-in-law is proof that there’s more to them than meets the eye. And by “more,” that usually means secret graffiti hidden all over your home.


11. Before smartphones, the worst a not-so-tech-savvy parent could do was butt dial you. Now, thanks to the iPhone, every child must live in fear of receiving a photo of their dad smiling when he’s on the can.


12. Gotta love a dad who not only leaves plenty of cash for pizza and beer, but leaves said cash in a place that is totally hilarious and impossible to miss. Meatloaf (that’s the family cat, in case you were wondering) is far better of a dinner date than your aunt and uncle. Funny fathers FTW!


13. It’s hard to tell if this is a hilarious dad joke or if it’s a deadly challenge. Few things are scarier than a sleepy kitty holding something valuable in its claws. You wouldn’t wake a sleeping lion, would you? Thought so.


14. It might not be something you hear every day, but it’s totally true: the parents who force their children to cosplay with them at major conventions are the parents who are most likely to be placed in the finest nursing homes.


15. This photograph is so close to being convincing. Sadly for this dad, the whole “the world is actually three-dimensional” thing kind of gives away his entire prank. The fish eye lens also does not help his cause.


16. There’s nothing worse than a killer case of FOMO: fear of missing out. Unless, of course, that killer case of FOMO is exacerbated by your dad taking selfies with celebrities during trips you were supposed to go on with him…


17. It’s always awkward trying to get to know your girlfriend’s father, especially when you’re just a teenager. This dude absolutely made life harder for himself with his choice of attire. He was basically asking her dad to make this joke!


18. If this is how her dad takes care of her cat while she’s away, just imagine the sort of shenanigans he’ll get into when he has actual grandchildren to look over! Hide the markers, because you know he’ll give them all mustaches.


19. In fairness to her parents, there’s not exactly anything wrong with mailing a selfie. To be honest, the really funny part about this photo is the fact that they took said selfie with a Polaroid camera!


20. You would think that most parents wouldn’t dream of joking when it comes to their children’s higher education… but that’s only because you never met this girl’s parents. This is pretty intense!


21. You have to admit, this dad sounds kind of amazing. Not only does he have a killer sense of humor, but he apparently also has an entire folder of selfies that would make any other dad green with envy.


22. Millennials aren’t the only ones who are passionate fans of the current seasons of Doctor Who. It’s also dorky fathers who deeply enjoy making geeky jokes about the show, even if they’re the only ones laughing about them!


23. You have to admit, what this dad’s message system lacks in efficiency and technology it more than makes up for in being pure, hilarious, and nostalgic fun for messengers of all ages!


24. Ever wanted to know one surefire way to make sure your kid stops inviting all of his friends over to your house after school to eat you out of house and home? Why, just make them a “very special cake” that they won’t soon forget. This really takes “sponge cake” to a whole other level…


25. When you were kid you probably didn’t spend any time wondering what your parents were up to when you weren’t around. That said, even if you did stop and wonder, you probably never thought it would be stuff like this!


26. Raise your hand if you would absolutely pay cash money to watch a TV show about Nigel’s adventures as a house husband. Come for the chores… stay for the hilariously themed fly swatting.


27. Which is funnier: the idea that a dog would actually create its own little pup cave, or that this guy’s dad taught himself how to use Photoshop for the sole purpose of putting together this hilarious visual joke?


28. This older dad wanted an iPad for his birthday, so he was over the moon when he got one. This, of course, was the first photo he took with the thing. No one had the heart to try and explain why this was so funny to him, and with good reason.


29. Learning how to drive can be a scary thing, and not just for the kid behind the wheel! This father captured the hilarious terror of being a parent on the road with a newly licensed driver. Best terrified selfie ever? Oh, definitely.


30. The relationship between a father and his daughter might be special, but it’s nowhere near as special as the relationship between a father and the family cat. Exhibit A: this dad singing to cheer up the cat as he recovers from an illness.


31. You know that saying “Getting old isn’t for sissies?” That’s why this dad decided to share of photo of the simple hack he uses every day to get some water from the sink without having to cause himself too much discomfort.


32. Here’s what happens when your parents offer you a reasonable fee to paint the house and you refuse, leaving them to their own devices. Most people would let bygones be bygones, but not this funny mom and dad!


33. This son bought his parents a new smartphone and had a hard time getting a hold of them. When he couldn’t get them to answer the phone, he texted them. They responded to that text with a hilarious proof-of-life selfie.


34. While this dad was cleaning out the family bathroom, he discovered his daughter’s collection of hair extensions and hair pieces. He could have just left them alone, but he decided to go for this glamour shot instead.


35. When a young lady came home for the holidays after announcing she had a new boyfriend, her father made her this special gift: a blanket with his face on it. “Just in case you need birth control,” he told her. Oh boy, dads sure say the darndest things!