Two Minors Are Facing Steep Jail Time For What They Did To Half A Million Bees

Bees sort of get a bad rap. With their penchant for painfully stinging just about anyone who dares to venture near their hive, they haven't exactly gained the trust of other creatures. It's safe to say that most people have a hard time feeling anything positive for them. But in reality, bees are an essential part of the ecosystem.

Sadly, in recent years, they've begun to mysteriously die off. So when two young boys from Sioux City, Iowa, recently did something horrific to 500,000 bees on a local farm, the community was, needless to say, abuzz—and furious.

Bees are incredibly beneficial to maintaining a balanced ecosystem. Sadly, bees are now facing possible extinction! Every bee lost is a major hit to the overall population, something beekeepers Justin and Tori Englehardt know all too well.
As the owners of Wild Hill Honey, a bee farm in Sioux City, Iowa, Justin and Tori's livelihoods depend upon the wellbeing of said bees. However, none of this was enough to stop a true tragedy from happening at their farm.
Recently, the couple awoke on a cold winter morning to check on their honey bees—and they were horrified by what they saw when they stepped outside. Their 50 beehives had been violently knocked down and strewn across their 18-acre property.
It was already too late—the damage was done. In total, upwards of 500,000 honey bees were killed. Justin and Tori were heartbroken and desperate to find out who could've been responsible for this thoughtlessly cruel act.