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What The Kids Of Sporting Legends Look Like Now They’re All Grown Up

Remember David Beckham taking his toddler son Brooklyn out onto the Old Trafford pitch? And just look at little Brooklyn now — he's a full-blown media personality! He's arguably even more famous than his soccer star father, in certain circles anyway. And that got us wondering, what do the other kids of famous sporting folk look like today?

Brooklyn Beckham

We might as well start with Brooklyn Beckham, right? After all, he ranks among the most famous sports kids of his generation. And he has not just one but two celebrity parents: former England soccer star David and ex-Spice Girl Victoria. The teenager has subsequently become a tabloid star in his own right and is married to Nicola Peltz.

Romeo Beckham

Brooklyn Beckham may hog much of the limelight, but it's arguably Romeo Beckham who most closely resembles his famous father. We're not just talking about his appearance, either. Romeo has followed in David's footsteps by choosing a career in professional soccer. He's currently signed to a one-year contract with the English National League side Brentford B.

Cruz Beckham

If Romeo is going into his father's business, Cruz Beckham might just have designs on his mother's career. The Beckhams' youngest son is often described as an aspiring singer and can be seen on social media sharing his talent with the world. He even released a Christmas single back in 2016. The teenager was last seen, in October 2023, getting the tattoo "Brotherhood" with his two big bros.

Harper Beckham

Harper Beckham is the youngest of the Beckham clan, but people are still predicting big things for her in the future. Commenters thought that Harper's 12th birthday party at the Prade Caffè in Harrods, London, meant that she wanted to become a fashion designer. Harper's obviously still in (a very fancy) school for now, though, so only time will tell what the future holds.