Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In The Kitchen And The Best Ways To Fix Them

The kitchen is often considered to be the heart of the home. It's where families gather to recount their days and swap stories, not just a place where bellies are filled.

But when you're a busy working mom or just your average Joe with a hectic routine, spending too much time in the kitchen can take away all of the fun. What should be relaxing and enjoyable turns into a chore.

Behold these 13 brilliant hacks, which will transform the way you spend time in the kitchen. You'll be so impressed by these simple hacks, in fact, that you'll never go back to the "old" way again!

1. Stop cooking your bacon in a frying pan! You can cut back on grease and have evely cooked, crispy, mess-free bacon in a snap if you simply bake it in the oven. Plus, you can whip up a lot more bacon at once that way. That's a win-win.
2. Buying organic food is a great way to try and live a healthier life, but fruits and vegetables are expensive and can go uneaten despite your best intentions. Instead of springing for all-organic produce, focus on the thin-skinned fruits and veggies that don't already have a natural protective layer against pesticides, like tomatoes.
3. Olive oil is a cooking staple in most homes. It's also one of the most notorious food fakes out there! It is amazing just how many brands of oil masquerade as "olive oil" when, in fact, olives never came near the bottle. Read the ingredients carefully.
4. Rice might seem nutritious and pretty easy to make. However, taking shortcuts—like not rinsing it—can result in exposure to pesticides. Using leftover rice is also a gamble. It's a real breeding ground for bacteria.