There are few things as impressive as a home remodeling that someone does all by themselves. It’s always tempting to hire contractors to work on your building projects, but if you can do it well yourself, it’s cheaper and gives you an amazing feeling of accomplishment!

Just look at Imgur user MidnightXII’s DIY kitchen work, for instance. Tired of his old kitchen table inefficiently using the room’s space, he embarked on a project that turned out beautifully!

This is what the old kitchen table looked like. It was nice enough, but he had much bigger plans for the room!

table-1Imgur / MidnightXII

Once the table was gone, the kitchen already looked much more spacious!

table-2Imgur / MidnightXII

He began his project by measuring out a beam the length of the wall and attaching it about a foot and a half off the ground.

table-3Imgur / MidnightXII

Then he put in support studs all along the wall.

table-4Imgur / MidnightXII

His next step was to install vertical seat supports about 20 inches apart from each other.

table-5Imgur / MidnightXII

The vertical and horizontal supports would provide the structural foundation for his project.

table-6Imgur / MidnightXII

He made sure each support was firmly anchored to the floor and to the drywall or cabinet if it could be.

table-7Imgur / MidnightXII

Then he measured out boards of plywood to lay across the top of the supports, and his plan became more obvious. He was building a booth!

table-8Imgur / MidnightXII

His next step was to measure and cut three foam pads, each about two inches thick, so that they would fit on top of boards, making for nice, comfy cushions.

table-9Imgur / MidnightXII

After that, he upholstered each of the base boards to make them look a little bit more inviting to sit down on!

table-10Imgur / MidnightXII

Once he had all the cushions upholstered, he was in business!

table-11Imgur / MidnightXII

Next, he covered the booth supports with carved wood paneling, and laid the cushions on top. The booth was coming together nicely!

table-12Imgur / MidnightXII

He made a few adjustments so that the paneling fit flush around the window trim.

table-13Imgur / MidnightXII

The booth would end up covering the wall vent, so he also cut out a space in one of the boards for a new vent.

table-14Imgur / MidnightXII

Once he affixed the cover, it really looked professional!

table-15Imgur / MidnightXII

He could already tell that this was going to be a much better use of space than his old kitchen table!

table-16Imgur / MidnightXII

Next, he added a border to the panel edges so that the cushions would stay firmly in place!

table-17Imgur / MidnightXII

Then he gave the wood paneling a nice coat of white paint so that it would match the trim on the windows and the kitchen’s French doors.

table-18Imgur / MidnightXII

Finally, he put a sturdy table that he built and painted to match right at the center of the booth!

table-19Imgur / MidnightXII

Now his family’s kitchen is beautiful and cozy!

table-20Imgur / MidnightXII

What an impressive project! That’s a kitchen that would make any family come together for a meal.

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