When Komari the 5-week-old kitten was found abandoned, cold, and alone, she was in desperate need of a family to care for her. Her rescuers wanted to offer one to her, but they weren’t sure how she would fit in with the other house occupants: five ferrets.

They soon realized that it was a match made in heaven.

This is Komari shortly after she was rescued. She’s tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

01-kitten-raised-by-ferretsImgur / MichaelMankus

She found a home, but unlike most homes, this one came with five ferrets.

02-kitten-raised-by-ferretsImgur / MichaelMankus

After proper introductions, little Komari fit right in with her ferret brothers.

03-kitten-raised-by-ferretsImgur / MichaelMankus

Now, they’re are all about the cuddles.

04-kitten-raised-by-ferretsImgur / MichaelMankus

In fact, it’s pretty clear that Komari now thinks she’s a ferret, too.

05-kitten-raised-by-ferretsImgur / MichaelMankus

Can you tell which is which?

06-kitten-raised-by-ferretsImgur / MichaelMankus

How about now?

07-kitten-raised-by-ferretsImgur / MichaelMankus

Soon enough, “little sister” became a bit of a misnomer.

08-kitten-raised-by-ferretsImgur / MichaelMankus

Still, her big brothers remained protective of her.

09-kitten-raised-by-ferretsImgur / MichaelMankus

They never let her too far out of sight.

10-kitten-raised-by-ferretsImgur / MichaelMankus

From day one, Komari decided she didn’t need her own bed when she had this one.

11-kitten-raised-by-ferretsImgur / MichaelMankus

So cute!12-kitten-raised-by-ferretsImgur / MichaelMankus

Animals are just the best. What a match made in heaven!

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