Normally, when people start freaking out over a bizarre or unexplained video on the Internet, expert sources quickly weigh in and put everyone’s fears to rest. This time, however, the experts are strangely silent, and it’s making everyone nervous.

This video, which has left people completely baffled, was shot by two friends somewhere on a frozen lake in Utah. At first, it appears to show some kind of crop circle imprinted in the ice. But what they find when they get in closer left my blood cold.

While walking on a frozen lake in Utah, two friends came across a dark shape on the ice. They cautiously approached it, wary of the creaking ice sheet.


The dark circle was melting ice, with a pitted surface like the face of a sunflower.


But when they got in even closer, the ice revealed something chilling.


This has to be seen to be believed.

Now, ice has been known to form some unusual shapes.


Spinning ice circles are a surreal sight, but they’re fairly common and easily explained by gases rising from the lake floor and creating warm currents.


But this thing looks more like a crop circle of some kind.

crop circle

And no one has been able to explain what those strange pods might be. One of the people in the video describes them as “slimy,” which is pretty disturbing.


If someone doesn’t figure this one out in the next few days, I might have a nervous breakdown. Where did this thing come from? Could it be the start of an alien invasion?

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