It’s only human nature to look for the easiest possible way to get something done. Everyone is so busy, after all. Is really it any wonder that we’re constantly looking for ways to make dinner faster, better organize our homes, or sneak in more time for ourselves?

Sometimes there are smart, sensible ways to save a couple of minutes in the day. However, there is a fine line between doing something more efficiently and just being totally lazy!

These 14 people found ways to make their lives easier—all while proving just how lazy they really were in the process.

1. This dad was faced with an epic problem: He wanted to push his daughter in her swing, but he also desperately needed to put up his feet and enjoy a nice cold beer in the shade. Luckily, with a little bit of brain power, he got to do it all!


2. Having a sign outside of your establishment is a great way to quickly communicate a message to the hundreds of people who pass by it every day. This church, however, decided that, considering the inclement weather conditions, the time had come to keep it simple. Amen to that!


3. Look, waiting in line is a hard thing to do. When you’re hungry and standing in line to order your food, it can feel like torture. It’s pretty hard to blame this woman for making sure she kept her place in line without fainting from hunger.


4. Is there anything more annoying than getting home after a long day of work and flopping onto the couch only to realize that you have to go back out and bring in the trash cans? This guy has apparently done this once too often, and he’s found the best and most efficient solution.


5. Wearing a hoodie is practical when the weather is chilly and you need something light to throw on, but what point does a hoodie serve if you’re wearing it indoors? It seemed this young man had the same question… and it led to an ingenious answer.


6. Sure, you could invest in a Clapper if you’re looking for a way to turn your lights on and off without getting up from the couch. Or, you could just invest in a laser pointer and place a tremendous amount of faith in your cat’s athletic abilities.


7. Just because you don’t actually own a riding mower, that’s no reason you can’t drive and mow at the same time. At least, that appears to the rationale of this gentleman, who decided that his golf cart was the best way to get this particular chore done with minimal effort.


8. Worried that the soup you’re heating on the stove is going to boil over, but you’re far too lazy to sit in the kitchen and keep an eye on it until it’s ready? This is basically what webcams were designed for. Set yours up and go be as lazy as you want. Thanks, technology!


9. When you accidentally drop something outside your window, you can usually only retrieve it by actually using the stairs. This young man, however, hates the stairs so much that he put his vacuum’s life on the line just to avoid them.


10. On the left, you will see a photo of a child. On the right is a photo of an adult. What do these two subjects have in common, you ask? Clearly, it’s passion for lying down that’s so deep, they are willing to invent new ways to drink their favorite sodas just so they don’t have to compromise their comfort.


11. This young man isn’t going to let a little thing like being so tired he can’t sit up straight keep him from enjoying social media. He’s got his pillow in place and he’s ready to roll! His impromptu mouse pad is a particularly nice touch.


12. Why waste your time and money buying an actual Christmas tree when you can always just go ahead and get an air freshener like this one at the gas station? Hey, it might be lazy… but you’ve got to admit that it’s still pretty darn festive.


13. In all fairness, this person who decided to use the doorstop without actually unwrapping the doorstop has the right idea. After all, he needs to see if it’s effective before he really commits to his purchase. If he ever decides to return it, he can just get his money back!


14. Sometimes when it comes to doing or making something special for a friend or loved one, it’s the thought the counts, not the finished product. At least, that’s probably what the person who taped this candle to a boxed cake mix thought when they did it…


These amazing feats of laziness show just how far some people are willing to go to make sure that they don’t have to do any work whatsoever. It’s almost admirable! …Almost.

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