14 Of The Most Hilariously Lazy People Ever

It's only human nature to look for the easiest possible way to get something done. Everyone is so busy, after all. Is really it any wonder that we're constantly looking for ways to make dinner faster, better organize our homes, or sneak in more time for ourselves?

Sometimes there are smart, sensible ways to save a couple of minutes in the day. However, there is a fine line between doing something more efficiently and just being totally lazy!

These 14 people found ways to make their lives easier—all while proving just how lazy they really were in the process.

1. This dad was faced with an epic problem: He wanted to push his daughter in her swing, but he also desperately needed to put up his feet and enjoy a nice cold beer in the shade. Luckily, with a little bit of brain power, he got to do it all!
2. Having a sign outside of your establishment is a great way to quickly communicate a message to the hundreds of people who pass by it every day. This church, however, decided that, considering the inclement weather conditions, the time had come to keep it simple. Amen to that!
3. Look, waiting in line is a hard thing to do. When you're hungry and standing in line to order your food, it can feel like torture. It's pretty hard to blame this woman for making sure she kept her place in line without fainting from hunger.
4. Is there anything more annoying than getting home after a long day of work and flopping onto the couch only to realize that you have to go back out and bring in the trash cans? This guy has apparently done this once too often, and he's found the best and most efficient solution.