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Inside LeBron James’ Relationship With His Longtime Love Savannah James

LeBron James may be the all-time scoring leader of the NBA, but there's one other area where he's come out on top. When it comes to romance, LeBron scored a serious slam dunk with his partner. Their road to everlasting love hasn't been straight, though. In fact, their relationship has been put to the test like no other. And each time LeBron has opened up about his wife, almost instantly, fans all over the globe have clamored to share their thoughts on his statements. What was the verdict? The so-called Chosen One’s millions of followers claim they’ve now seen him for who he really is.

The man behind the headlines

Of course, we’re not just talking about LeBron being a hugely talented basketball player and a celebrity of the highest order. No, we’re talking about the man behind the headlines. The husband, the father, the friend — in short, the person the court-side cameras never get to see. And, perhaps, the person that LeBron would rather not reveal in public all that often. Some things are best kept to ourselves, after all.

High school sweethearts under scrutiny

Romance, for instance, is one area that is normally saved for our private lives. Yet Savannah has been LeBron’s lady for a while now, so she’s probably used to the intense scrutiny LeBron is under. The couple first got together when they were both in high school, you see — although she wasn’t all that keen on him back then. But now, nearly two decades later, the pair are still together. Still, it's rare for LeBron to talk candidly about Savannah in public.

Getting kids to college

That’s unless he’s talking about things other than romance. Like, for example, the couple’s work focusing on education in their hometown, Akron. This includes the LeBron James Family Foundation, which helps youngsters make the best of school. In 2015 the organization linked up with the University of Akron to spend $41 million to send kids to college. The cause is particularly close to the pair’s hearts, too.

“Never give up”

Savannah told fashion magazine Vogue in 2017 about the couple’s beliefs. She said, “If there’s nothing more you can do for a child, just constantly encourage them and set them on the right path when it comes to sports or their schoolwork or nurturing a hobby — with whatever it is. Just be a constant source of encouragement. That’s what LeBron talks about – never give up.”