Lee Brice And His Wife Have Become Parents Again, And They’ve Given Their Daughter An Unusual Name

Lee Brice is surely one of the most well recognized country singers working today. Despite only being 38 years old, he’s broken the top 10 in the Hot Country Music Billboard charts numerous times. In 2010, his song “Love Like Crazy” broke the record for longest time spent in the Hot Country chart, having stayed there for 56 weeks.

Since his career jumpstarted in 2007, Brice has made the news because of his personal life almost as often as for his music. Refreshingly though, it’s not because he’s any kind of train wreck. If anything, he’s the complete opposite.

Brice married his long-time girlfriend, Sara Nanette Reeveley, in 2013, but even before that the couple had two children. Takoda was the first, born in 2008, and Ryker was the second, born in 2013. This year, they welcomed their third child into the world, a girl.

During Sara’s pregnancy, Brice kept close tabs on progress and posted about it on Instagram frequently. Then, he even devised an interesting way of revealing the baby’s gender to her two soon-to-be brothers – having them both bite into cupcakes with pink filling.

Brice also uploaded an adorable video of the baby kicking. In it, he taps on Sara’s belly, only for the unborn child to respond with a tap of her own. The movement coming from the inside can be seen clearly in the video.