Lisa Marie Presley's Moving Tribute To Elvis Feels All The More Poignant Now

Although Elvis Presley died more than four decades ago now, he’s nevertheless still a huge star. In fact, the King of Rock and Roll has remained one of the most popular and influential figures in music ever since he left the building for good in 1977. Here’s a look at how his daughter helped to extend his legacy even further with a poignant tribute.

A rockabilly pioneer

Born in the Mississippi town of Tupelo in 1935, Elvis took to music in his late teens with recording sessions at the legendary Sun Records in Memphis, Tennessee. There, he helped to pioneer a sound known as rockabilly – a high-tempo blend of R&B and country music. However, Elvis’ career truly took off after he signed with manager Colonel Tom Parker.

Provocative performances

Then, a year later, the man who would eventually be known as the King topped the charts for the first time with his debut single, “Heartbreak Hotel.” He quickly became the face of the burgeoning rock and roll movement, too, thanks to his high-energy material and a hip-swiveling performance style many considered provocative.

His rising popularity

Elvis also became a star of the big screen, with his first acting appearance in 1956’s Love Me Tender. Although he didn't have the lead role in that film — something that would never happen again to the star — his immense fame was clear: the title of the film changed to Love Me Tender just a month before its release because of Elvis' popular song of the same name.

Hit after hit

Although a two-year stint in the military briefly derailed Elvis’ thriving career, he nevertheless picked up where he left off on his return in 1960 with a string of number-one hits. However, under the advice of his manager, the star rarely performed live for much of the decade, choosing instead to concentrate on his Hollywood career.