Space is something that we all seem to run out of constantly in our homes. Sure, we often accumulate things that end up cluttering our living quarters, but nothing makes you realize you don’t have enough room quite like having children.

When this newlywed couple got married, their small two-bedroom house was the perfect size for them both. But when they discovered they were having twins, they knew they were going to need more space, and quickly.

They couldn’t afford a new home, so they decided to take a different tack. Luckily, it ended up being a genius idea…

We all seem to run out of storage space in our homes quickly. But, nothing makes you realize you’re living in cramped quarters faster than having children. When this family learned they were having twins, they needed more room in a hurry. So, the husband began by enlisting his dad’s help to do some renovations.


They started by building a base over the stairwell, which they then covered with treated floor boards. It seemed like they were trying to construct some sort of loft area. It would hopefully offer enough extra square footage to make a noticeable difference. 


It took them a few weeks to finish the project, but once they were done it was instantly worth the effort! The twins would have some extra space to play with their toys, and the parents had their computer so they could escape to a secluded place to work when they needed to. 


Look at the finished result! Doesn’t it make just the perfect addition? After an amazing DIY project like this one that came out perfectly, it’s so hard to picture the original home without this spacious new area!


If you were inspired by that family’s great new spacious loft, you’ll love a few more ideas to keep you excited about yours! You can literally make your loft into whatever type of space you need! The choices are endless.

loft-1Rob Marquardt / Flickr

Your loft doesn’t just have to be a place to store extra stuff you don’t often use. This family actually built an entire bedroom complete with two full beds and a lot of extra space for other pieces of furniture. They must have a big family! 

loft-2Ken Lund / Flickr

As long as you have the proper square footage, you can put a beautiful loft anywhere you want in your home. A really cool idea is to make an extra room that leads off of your main living room for additional space to settle in.

loft-3Scott Lewis / Flickr

This family clearly does a lot of entertaining, since they needed a loft to add extra sleeping space. So long as you take the proper measurements and have the correct tools handy, you can add as many beds as you need.

loft-4m01229 / Flickr

A loft is only as beautiful as your imagination, so think big!. There are so many variables to take into consideration when planning its construction. But, if you have a manageable idea in mind, the freedom to create a lovely new addition to your home is all yours!

loft-5John Coley / Flickr

These are such great ideas. Lofts are a relatively cheap way of giving you and your family just the right amount of change when you know you won’t be able to uproot yourself right away!

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