5 Years After Winning $60 Million, This Couple’s Home Has Become An Infested Nightmare

When one young British couple picked up their weekly lottery tickets, they had no idea that it would change their lives. Fate was on their side, and they wound up taking home millions! However, they were quick to learn that amassing a fortune doesn't solve all problems—and even their neighbors were outraged by what they did...

Won $64 Million

When British couple Matt Topham and Cassey Carrington won the lottery in 2012, they couldn't believe their good fortune. They received more than £45,000,000 (almost $64 million), which was more than enough to set them up for life!

Beyond Their Wildest Dreams

For Matt, a house painter, and Cassey, a retail worker, winning the lottery wasn't something they ever thought would happen to them. They were content enough living in their shared flat in Nottingham.

Purchased A Mansion

The first thing they did with their winnings was buy a seven-bedroom mansion for about $1.6 million. For many, this palatial estate would be a dream come true, but for Matt and Cassey, it was only the beginning of a nightmare.

Massive Renovations

The couple didn't move into the mansion as soon as they bought the place, however. Instead, they planned to renovate and customize it to their preferences. It was a project that was slated to cost them over $6 million.