Europe is home to many magnificent palaces – but none as unique as this one. Although it may not be the most ornate or extravagant, its origins are one-of-a-kind and make it the coolest palace we’ve ever seen.

Because Palais Ideal, as it’s known, was made with the simplest of building blocks and constructed by one man – that’s right, one. And that’s not even the end of the story.

Can you see what’s special about Palace Ideal?


This palace was constructed over the course of 33 years by a French mailman named Ferdinand Cheval.


To build it, he used pebbles that he collected during his mail route. The 18-mile journey that he conducted on foot six days a week became his time to collect the building blocks necessary to build his very own Versailles.


He began building his palace in 1879 and didn’t finish until 1912.


He even began carrying a wheelbarrow with him in order to collect all of the tiny stones he would need.


This one-of-a-kind palace is located in Hauterives, in the southeast of France.


You can visit it almost every day of the year, and many do.


It is also used to host some big time concerts and art exhibitions.




I know where my next vacation is going to take me.


Source: Dailymail

It’s remarkable that it only took Cheval 33 years to build this incredible structure, considering that he did it all by himself. Goes to show you what a person could accomplish when they set their minds to it. Now can we please get a DIY video on how to build a pebble palace, please?

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