The True Story Of Tracy Edwards, The Man Who Escaped Jeffrey Dahmer

One dark July night in 1991, officers out driving in Milwaukee spotted a lone man coming at them out of the shadows. Strangely, he was wearing handcuffs around one wrist. This frightened individual was Tracy Edwards, and he had a story to tell. You see, he’d just spent a few hours in the company of someone whose name was about to make crime history… Jeffrey Dahmer.

How Edwards met Dahmer

Edwards met Dahmer at the Grand Avenue Mall in the city earlier that evening; Dahmer had approached him and made him an unusual offer. He’d asked Edwards to go back to his place to sink some beers. So far, so friendly. But this stranger also requested that they watch one of his favorite movies: The Exorcist III. It all sounded a little creepy, but a financial offer helped sweeten the deal for Edwards.

Money for nothing?

However, in exchange for payment, Dahmer suggested that Edwards pose for some private photos. Was this optional for the potential house guest or not? Either way, Edwards found more pressing issues once he got inside his new friend’s apartment… the appalling smell that entered his nostrils for one thing. He came to suspect that he’d set foot inside a very dangerous place indeed.  

Inside Dahmer’s lair

Dahmer tried to distract Edwards so he could cuff him, though this didn’t go quite to plan, resulting in only one wrist being restrained. The potential victim was then taken to the bedroom, where Dahmer pulled a knife. That, plus the presence of strong chemicals and the horror movie playing on a TV, must have been terrifying for Edwards, who began to beg for his life. 

Disturbing behavior

Edwards may have earned the status of being the only person to escape Dahmer’s clutches, but he still had to sit in that rancid apartment for several hours. The killer managed to make the situation even more chilling still, at one point even resting his head on Edwards’ chest. People magazine recently spoke with Edwards’ defense attorney, Paul Ksicinski, who shed some light on just how the victim was feeling in those terrifying moments.