Have you ever found yourself observing your dog’s seemingly carefree life and thinking, Man, I wish I was a dog? After all, a tax-free existence of belly rubs and backyard poopin’ seems like a pretty good deal.

Of course, those thoughts always remain nothing more than fantasy… right? Well, not for Spot—formerly Tom Peters to his human friends. To escape from the stresses of life, the 32-year-old dons a collar and a bodysuit and walks around on all fours at the end of a leash.

So, what’s life like for the dog-people of the world? Let’s just say it can get pretty frisky…

If an alien species were ever to observe Earth, you couldn’t blame them if they thought we were a planet ruled by dogs. From catered meals to walks in the freezing cold, humans do just about anything to keep their canines happy and their tails wagging.

David G. Whitham / Flickr

After a particularly stressful day, you’ve probably even watched your pooch with an envious glare as he snoozed on the couch and dreamed about chasing squirrels and little else. Dogs sure have the life, you’ll say. I would love to be a dog. Well, as it turns out, there’s a community of people out there who actually make that dream into a reality!

Secret Life of the Human Pups / Channel 4

For instance, 32-year-old Tom Peters doesn’t just wish he had the carefree lifestyle of the family dog—he lives it. By day, he’s a lighting and theater technician, but by night, he pops on a spotted bodysuit and acts like a canine. Recently, he was featured on British daytime TV show This Morning to throw the audience a bone and share tidbits about his interesting lifestyle.

Rex Features / This Morning

You’ve probably heard of method acting, where actors live their lives in the shoes of whatever character they might be playing. Tom—or Spot, as he prefers to go by—might just be the world’s greatest method actor. He truly lives the life of a dog, sleeping in a cage, walking on all fours, and even eating from a bowl.

This Morning / Youtube

Don’t worry; this isn’t some nefarious activity designed to catch the wandering eye of a neighborhood poodle. As Spot put it on This Morning, “People think of it as seedy and that no one should see it. But we’re not there to cause mischief, we’re there to have fun and literally be treated like a puppy.”

This Morning / Youtube

Spot elaborated: “It is a lifestyle, it’s just escapism. To get away from money and the hectic lifestyle we have.” It has some, uh, romantic perks, too, apparently, as he suggested that meeting like-minded people who dress up like dogs can serve as a catalyst of sorts for intimacy. Of course, commitment to being a dog has impacted his life as a human…

Like most other dogs, Spot has a human friend—his ex-fiancée, Rachel Watson. They say chicks dig a guy in uniform, but Rachel admitted that Tom’s getup was a little too much for her to handle as his wife-to-be, leading to their split. Now, though? They’re best friends, and they’re closer than ever before.

Channel 4

After the split, Rachel watched a documentary titled Secret Life of the Human Pups, which she said helped her better understand Spot and others like him. In fact, after seeing her ex-fiancé with his handler, Colin, Rachel admitted to being a little bit jealous of the personal connection the two shared.

This Morning

Throughout Spot’s appearance on the program, the hosts were noticeably uncomfortable, but he did his best to put them at ease: “We do role play as a child,” he supposed, “so why can’t we do it as an adult?” And if Spot isn’t hurting anyone with his lifestyle choice, who are we to judge him?

This Morning / Youtube

When you click the video below, you’ll see the entirety of Spot’s appearance on This Morning. Just listen to the details and facts about his unique way of life. If nothing else, it’s worth watching him try to eat a dog treat out of a bowl!

Next time you kick off your shoes after a long day at work and give your dog a few scratches under the chin, remember: maybe you can live a life just like him!

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