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As Allison Scott and Freddie Valdivia hiked through a California woodland, they were greeted by the usual sights and sounds that nature has to offer. From chirping birds to excitable critters, there was a lot to take in! But Allison and Freddie’s relaxing trek into the wild took the most unexpected of turns after a low-flying plane roared above them...

Meeting Allison and Freddie

Neither Freddie nor Allison could’ve predicted what would happen next — especially when you consider where they had been just 24 hours earlier. Yes, the pair were enjoying Thanksgiving together in their California home and hadn’t even thought about going on a hiking trip. In fact, that was still the case the next morning in late November 2022. Yet as that Friday went on, they began to entertain the idea.

Last-minute call

As it turned out, Freddie and Allison made a last-minute decision to set off on a trek near Big Bear Lake later that day. So, the duo gathered their things and traveled up to the woods, taking their pet dog with them as well. They intended to spend the night under the stars, before returning home the next day.

A good start

And everything appeared to be going well for Allison and Freddie as their hike began. After exploring the woods for a while, the couple found a great spot to spend the night, set up camp between Angelus Oaks and Big Bear Lake. Anyway, as they started to get settled, Allison then picked up on something odd.

Yelling for help

Explaining further, Allison spoke with TV station ABC7 in December 2022. The hiker recalled, “We were underneath a flight path and an airplane went by pretty low.” But as the aircraft passed over them, both she and Freddie made out another noise in the distance. “We heard someone yelling for help,” Allison continued.