Old Photo Helps Man Finally Reveal The Truth About His Brother’s Mysterious Death 50 Years Earlier

There's no question that child abuse leaves more than just physical scars on its victims. Yet it can be difficult for many of us to fathom how deep that trauma can go—or how long it can last.

That appeared to be the case with 53-year-old Peter Booth. He claimed that at the tender age of four, he witnessed his stepfather committing an unspeakable crime. Peter was so afraid of his stepfather that he carried this secret with him for several decades.

Now, he's speaking up, and what he revealed was horrifying...

Upon first glance, there looks to be nothing necessarily wrong with this photograph. Taken in 1968 in the Stockton-on-Tees neighborhood of Haverton Hill in northeast England, little is noticeable about it other than how old and grainy it is.
Yet, in November 2017, the dark story behind the photo finally began to come to light. It involved the man, David Dearlove, now 71, and his stepson, Paul Booth. Baby Paul died in his own home the same year the photo was taken, when he was just 19 months old.
According Paul's brother, Peter, now 53, something truly awful happened that year—and he saw it in his own eyes. Peter kept what he witnessed hidden for decades until the old, grainy photo resurfaced on Facebook in 2015. He couldn't stay quiet any longer.
Peter soon explained what he'd seen to his cousin, Tracey Booth, who relayed his story to the police. According to Peter, Paul's death all those years ago was no accident—it was a murder. And now, David Dearlove is being investigated for the crime.