Snakes are among the most fearsome creatures on Earth, but it shouldn’t be forgotten that some are more dangerous than others. While many have extremely deadly venom or can strangle you to death, others are perfectly harmless!

Still, we don’t recommend you get too chummy with them. You know, like cuddling with them, or, like… taking a bath with them. This man didn’t seem to get the memo. Still, he deserves some credit for his bravery, right?

Is this daring… or dumb? Yes, this man is actually taking a bath with some huge, hissing snakes.

1-bath-with-snakesYouTube / Sorl Orng

He even tries smooching one, but it doesn’t look like the other appreciates it…

While it’s not uncommon in some parts of the world for snake charmers and owners to sew their animals’ mouths shut (or remove their teeth entirely), this is still pretty dangerous. Though it’s quite impressive he makes it out alive to be able to post this video!

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