The mystery of the afterlife—if there’s an afterlife at all—has haunted humanity for generations. If we are destined for something more once we die, will we be happy? And how the heck will we spend our days for the rest of eternity?

That’s what was going through one couple’s mind when they arrived at the pearly gates. You see, they were killed on their way to their own wedding, and wanted to know if they could still get married in Heaven. Saint Peter had the funniest answer!

A Catholic couple is killed in a car crash on their way to be married. As they wait in line at the pearly gates, they ask each other if it’s possible to get married in Heaven. They decide to bring it up to Saint Peter. “I’m not sure,” he says. “Nobody’s ever asked me that before. Wait here, I’m going to go find out.”

1-married-in-heavenFlickr / jenineabarbanel

The couple waits more than two months. At that point, they begin to wonder if it’s possible to get a divorce in Heaven, just in case things don’t work out. Another month goes by before Saint Peter finally returns, exhausted. “Okay,” he says. “In Heaven, you can definitely get married.”

2-married-in-heavenFlickr / Washington Walmich

“Fantastic!” says the couple. “But, we have to ask, what happens if things fall apart? Are people allowed to get divorced in Heaven?” Saint Peter angrily clenches his fist and throws down his clipboard. Startled, the couple asks, “What’s the problem?”


“Oh, give me a break!” St. Peter yells. “It took me three months to find a priest around here! Do you have any idea how long it’ll be before I can find a lawyer?”

4-married-in-heavenWikimedia Commons / JulianHayda

Saint Peter certainly doesn’t mince words! Hopefully that couple found the answers that they were looking for soon enough.

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