A lot of the the most deliciously inventive culinary treats in our lives are the results of unlikely unions. With this in mind, I’d like to introduce everyone to what might just be the greatest unusual food combination of all time.

Coming to us courtesy of mad genius Josh Bush, it’s called the “swineapple,” and it doesn’t just look mouthwateringly delicious. It looks downright revolutionary.

Here are all of the ingredients for the “swineapple,” all ready to be smoked by inventor/mad scientist Josh Bush. But what you really need to see is the finished product…

01-swineappleFacebook / Josh Bush

Wrapped in bacon, this unholy union of fruit and pig is almost too good to even imagine.

02-swineappleFacebook / Josh Bush

That’s not even Josh’s only crazy invention. He’s also made a similar recipe that uses cantaloupe! Is that one called the “swinealoupe”?

03-swineappleFacebook / Josh Bush

Man, I can’t wait to make one of those…and what do you know — here’s the recipe, right from Josh himself:

Shave the pineapple but leave the top and bottom, lay on its side and about an inch in on both sides cut halfway down then with a long blade slice from point to point. Hollow out the desired amount of pineapple.

Season your meat with any of your favorite seasonings. A more course rub is better. Put the cut piece back on. To look like a complete pineapple again. Light dust the pineapple with seasoning. Fully wrap it with thick cut bacon. Not just lay it on top. I set it on the smoker @ 240 and sprayed it with apple juice about every 20-30 minutes to keep the bacon moist and colorful. You can change the meat to boneless chicken thighs and get the same results.

A lot of people have said the pineapple over tenderized the meat when they tried it. I did not personally have that issue but I would check internal temp about 2 hours into smoking. Once you hit 160 it is up to you of when to pull it.

Looks like I know what’s for dinner tonight!

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