There are a lot of terrifying creatures on our planet: bird-eating spiders, giant snakes, and even parasites that turn snails into zombies. But they’re nothing compared to the frightening animals that used to stalk the Earth.

A piece of that terror-inducing past recently washed up on the shores of the North Carolina coast last October. While walking along the beach, a resident happened upon a fossil so mind-boggling, she almost couldn’t believe it was real.

When you see it, you’ll not only understand why—you’ll be thankful you didn’t live in the same time period as the ancient beast it belonged to!

Denny Bland was walking along the beach near North Top Sail, North Carolina when she came upon a shocking discovery. At first, she couldn’t believe that what she’d stumbled upon was real.


It was the absolutely ginormous tooth of a megalodon shark. If you couldn’t already tell, the megalodon was big—insanely big. In fact, they made the positively huge T-Rex look minuscule by comparison.


They could reach lengths of up to 60 feet from nose to tail fin. Luckily for us, they died out somewhere around 2.6 million years ago. No offense to the shark from Jaws, but anyone who encountered the megalodon back then would have really needed a bigger boat.

06-megalodon-toothWikimedia Commons

This tooth, which measured about six inches long, gives you an idea of just how massive these bad boys were. Those teeth would’ve absolutely shredded anything they wanted to into little bits in no time flat!


This particular tooth was probably swept up from the depths of the ocean in the strong currents created by Hurricane Joaquin that fall. Either that, or there’s a surviving megalodon out there who’s in need of some dentures…


Let’s just hope nothing else was woken up way below the ocean’s surface. We’ve seen enough monster movies to know that nothing good ever comes from the deep sea’s depths!


Sometimes, to understand just how big a creature was, you have to see it next to something else so you can compare the two. As you can see, the shark that this tooth came from was bigger than a bus!

07-megalodon-toothNational Geographic

If you’re still in doubt of how impressive the megalodon’s jaws truly were, take a good look at how they stack up compared to this woman. Yikes! Those are absolutely, staggeringly enormous!


So now you can see that the megalodon’s tooth was truly enormous. Even the great white, which is probably the most infamous shark on the Earth currently, pales in comparison. It’s a good thing these beasts aren’t still around, huh?


Here’s another interesting comparison. This man is holding the jaws of a great white shark… while standing inside of the jaws of a megalodon shark. He looks as puny as anyone else would—the megalodon was just that big.

10-megalodon-toothNational Geographic

So, if you’re ever walking along the beach and you happen to find a tooth belonging to one of these enormous sharks, just be thankful that they’re not still around! They really were some of the biggest—not to mention, ferocious—creatures ever to exist.


It’s wild to think that monster movies could have basically been reality a few million years ago. As if great white sharks weren’t scary enough!

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