Man Takes His Metal Detector To The Woods And What He Finds Leaves Him With More Questions

Most people don't consider men and women combing fields with metal detectors to be even remotely in the same league as, say, Indiana Jones. Although these enthusiasts may not crack a whip quite like Harrison Ford, the treasures they unearth would put even the great Dr. Jones to shame.

When one Vermont man went trekking through the forest with his metal detector, he was hoping to find anything that would make his expedition worthwhile. What he found instead may be the greatest discovery in treasure hunting history...

A lifelong metal detector enthusiast, Brad Martin of Green Mountain Metal Detecting has pulled all kinds of forgotten treasures from the earth. But nothing could prepare Brad for what would become the greatest find of his life.
Though some treasure hunters prefer the prospects of a sandy beach, Brad's frequent sweeps of his native Vermont have always proved to be more fruitful. Thanks to his rapport with the people of the area, Brad was given free rein over thousands of acres of privately owned land.
On one fateful day, Brad decided to hike into the mountains to an area known to contain the ruins of an old building. When he arrived, he came upon a large hole in the ground -- likely the remains of the building's basement -- and miles of dilapidated stone walls.
Brad was convinced that his next great find was lying somewhere in this patch of woods. He could almost feel it. Little did he know how right he really was.