Disappearances In National Parks That Investigators Still Can't Explain

Going hiking or camping can be an incredibly peaceful experience, but it can also be quite risky. Between dangerous animals, unsafe terrain, and unfamiliar paths, there are plenty of potential hazards for novice adventurers. In fact, just about every single missing hiker case is muddled by some weird facts and occurrences rescuers still can't explain years later.

The Devil's Den case

In northwestern Arkansas, there's a beautiful nature preserve surrounding the largest sandstone crevice in the United States. It has an ominous name, however: Devil's Den State Park. And it really lived up to that name in 1946.

Missing Child

The Van Alst family decided to take a camping trip in the park. Unfortunately, eight-year-old Katherine wandered away from their tent and her parents were at a loss to find any trace of her. As their panic grew the park organized a search party, but no sign of the child turned up.

A Week Of Searching

By the sixth day of looking, morale was low. Nearly a week in the wilderness is an eternity for a young girl, and the chance of finding her alive at that point was slim. But finally, as the search party descended into a cave they made a shocking discovery.

Stunning Discovery

It was Katherine, alive and seemingly unharmed! She calmly walked out of the cave in perfect health as if nothing had happened. Everyone was stunned; how had this little girl survived so long on her own?