9 Popular Places In The World That Still Actively Practice Cannibalism

In most developed countries, cannibalism is, to put it mildly, frowned upon. We certainly can't think of any media that depicts cannibalism in a positive light, as the subject is usually reserved for dark humor and horror stories.

But cannibalism is still alive and well in several parts of the world, and it's definitely no joke. Believe it or not, groups and individuals practice this ritual quite often and their stories are even more bone-chilling than you'd think.

1. Nuku Heva, French Polynesia: This is one unbelievably beautiful island, but something here happened to a tourist named Stefan Ramin and his girlfriend that is straight out of a horror movie...
Stefan went on a traditional goat hunt with a tour guide, but soon went missing. When the tour guide returned to Stefan's girlfriend, seemingly to inform her of the incident, the guide tried instead to tie her to a tree.
She escaped, but her boyfriend's remains were later found near a campfire that supposedly belonged to a cannibalistic tribe.
It's unclear whether or not the tour guide was a part of this tribe, but there is certainly reason to believe that he had a connection.