This Mom Found A Family Living In A Battered Old Bus, So She Returned With The Ultimate Surprise

On Thanksgiving, Americans give thanks for all the good things in their lives, from the food on their tables to the roofs over their heads. On that holiday in 2016, though, one family didn't have much to cherish. They didn’t even have a home to call their own. So, a local woman decided to step in and do something truly remarkable for them.

Hitting the road

At the end of 2016, things weren’t going at all to plan for Olivia and her husband, Eric. Originally from Florida, the couple and their three children had hit the road in the hope of finding work opportunities. They traveled around in what used to be a school bus; it had since been transformed on the inside in order to make it habitable for the five of them.

Looking for work

Unfortunately, Olivia and Eric didn't have much luck finding employment, though. And after fruitlessly trying to get themselves work in Missouri, they had no choice but to look elsewhere. And so, they and their children ended up in Colorado around Thanksgiving, in late November. This was because the pair had been told that there were plenty of jobs available in the state.

A series of setbacks

However, a series of events meant that Olivia and Eric were unable to take advantage of any work opportunities. Olivia was heavily pregnant, for one, while Eric had also had all of his personal identification stolen. As a result, money was extremely tight for the couple, meaning that they were no longer able to afford to park their bus at RV sites.

They had to sell their belongings

Consequently, Olivia and Eric began selling some of their belongings in order to improve their cashflow. Sadly, though, this didn’t provide the income the family so sorely needed; they couldn’t even afford substantial food and supplies for themselves. And to add yet another trial into the mix, Olivia was breastfeeding her youngest child at the time. At this stage, things were going from bad to worse.