Mom Left Her Girls With Their Sick Dad. Then When She Sees What They Did To The Backyard? Woah

Darius Stevens might call himself the “clueless father,” but when it came to this touching gesture, he knew exactly what he was doing. Having rewarded his wife with a richly deserved vacation, this super dad, with the help of his two daughters, set to work creating something amazing in the backyard. And to top it off? He did it all despite a serious risk to his own health.

Stevens – or Dare, as he prefers to be known – lives in Los Angeles, California, with his wife Rose and their two daughters. In 2014, with his 40th birthday on the horizon, he was struggling to make it as a filmmaker and screenwriter.

It had been, by Stevens’ own admission, a pretty tough year. After all, a series of unfortunate events had seen him lose his job, all his money and, consequently, his family’s home. And given his debts of more than $20,000, he couldn’t make the payments for his insurance policies, which were duly then canceled. But there was even worse news to come.

Noticing a couple of strange patches on his skin, Stevens went to his doctor, who referred him for a biopsy. The results came back positive – he had skin cancer. On top of that, as Stevens now had no insurance, he’d need to stump up $15,000 if he wanted the affected skin removed.

Overwhelmed by his run of extreme bad luck, Stevens couldn’t bear to tell his wife about his illness. He also didn’t go back to the doctor. After some time, then, medical services sent a letter to him explaining that he needed treatment for his life-or-death situation. His wife found the letter, though, and finally the truth was out. Still, although Stevens was relieved that his wife now knew about the cancer, he understandably became pretty depressed by his situation.