40 Of The Strangest Rules People In Dubai Must Obey

Stunning beaches. Towering architecture. Year-round warm temperatures. Dubai seems like the perfect vacation destination. But if you’re heading there for the first time, you should know what you’re letting yourself in for. There are some strict – and sometimes bizarre – laws that you must obey as soon as your plane touches the tarmac. Don’t worry, though. We’ve compiled 40 of them to make sure you don’t get in trouble with the cops or land yourself with a hefty fine. You can thank us later. That’s if this doesn’t put you off your visit, of course!

40. Barred from the balcony

How often do you hang your wet towels and clothes out to dry on the balcony on vacation? It’s a pretty normal habit, but it’s one that’s forbidden in Dubai. Why, though? According to Emirates247.com, doing so could affect the beauty of the city and potentially create a fire hazard. Also, no satellite dishes or rubbish can be on the balconies, either. Ignore this, and a fine of up to $400 could be coming your way.

39. Keep your car clean

If it’s been a while since you took your car through a car wash, you may want to avoid Dubai. Yep, it turns out parking your dirty motor in a public place could see you slapped with a fine of nearly $140. And being stubborn won’t pay off in this situation. Authorities will impound your car if you don’t pay. It’s as simple as that.

38. You can’t wash a dirty car yourself in public

Picture the scene: you approach your car in Dubai and realize it’s a helluva lot dirtier than the other motors on the street. You spot a hose in a nearby garage and consider heading over there to give your car a quick clean. Think again! UAE law means that vehicle owners cannot clean their own cars in public. Instead, they must go to a licensed car wash with accredited workers. Well, at least you don’t have to do the chore yourself!

37. Be careful what you film

Do you like filming the sights when you’re abroad? Well, maybe think twice before hitting that record button if you’re in Dubai. In 2013 the authorities jailed and later released an American man who’d created a satiric video about youth culture in the city. And another individual was arrested that same year after sharing a clip he’d captured in which a member of the government could be seen getting violent with a motorist.