There are some roads you can drive with your eyes closed. You know the exact degree of every turn and where that stop sign hides behind the overgrown hedge. In fact, you know them so well that driving them is a breeze.

Other roads, though, offer a slightly… different appeal. Through deserts of ice and sand, over ocean-spanning bridges, and around twirling entrance ramps, America is home to an array of dangerous highways and interstates that will have even the best drivers white-knuckling it.

Stretching from Alaska to Florida, these are some of the United States’ most perilous roadways. Have you ever taken them for a test drive?

1. The Dalton Highway (Alaska): Warnings of steep grades and avalanches pepper the 400-mile stretch of highway that slashes through Alaska’s tundra—240 miles of which are isolated from gas stations, restaurants, hotels, and most signs of human life!

Puliarfanita / Flickr

2. Interstate 15 (Nevada): As if driving through the stretch of nearly endless desert between Los Angeles and Las Vegas wasn’t bad enough, Interstate 15 has claimed a staggering 1,069 lives in the past 15 years.

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3. The Million Dollar Highway (Colorado): While it makes for a pretty picture, the Million Dollar Highway treats drivers to a twisting road that weaves along three 10,000-foot mountain passes. Worse still, there are no guardrails to help prevent a long fall to the bottom.

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The story goes that the highway earned its nickname after a Colorado local claimed it would take a payout of $1,000,000 to get her to drive the road again.

4. Highway 2 (Montana): Two lanes and endless plains—that’s what you’ll find on this Montana highway. And when it finally reaches the winding, mountainous portion of road, the 70 MPH speed limit doesn’t exactly encourage careful navigation…

Royalbroil / Wikimedia

5. Interstate 45 (Houston, Texas): With 51 fatal wrecks from 2011 to 2015, this behemoth of a highway neared the top of 2016’s list of most dangerous highways. Meanwhile, the 285-mile road that cuts through the heart of Texas averages 56.5 fatal accidents per 100 miles of road.

Dhanix / Wikipedia

6. Interstate 10 (Arizona): Another desert road, another dangerous highway. The 150-mile stretch of I-10 that connects California to Arizona claimed 85 lives in 2010 alone. Still, at least you don’t risk tumbling off a mountain…

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7. Interstate 4 (Florida): From Daytona Beach to Tampa, this 132-mile roadway has seen 1.4 deaths per mile over the past six years, and it consistently tops the dangerous highway rankings. Yikes!

Vilma R Clinton / Wikimedia

8. Highway 1 (Florida): In the past 10 years, this Sunshine State highway, which rides the Atlantic coast, has claimed 1,079 lives. This has “earned” it a fatal crash rate that puts it squarely above a majority of U.S. roads.

Averette / Wikipedia

Highway 1 features the Overseas Highway, a bridge that stands above the ocean and connects the Florida Keys to the mainland.

9. Interstate 285 (Atlanta, Georgia): Sharp turns, complex interchanges, and nightmarish traffic aren’t the only hazards of this dangerous road. Slow-moving tractor trailers throw a wrench in any would-be speed demon’s plans and make for quite the perilous drive.


Spaghetti Junction, or the Tom Moreland Interchange, is a four-level stack interchange that, while oddly beautiful from above, only adds to the complexity of the I-285.

10. Highway 17 (South Carolina): Mostly shaded by a gorgeous canopy of trees as it twists through blind turns in Beaufort County, this roadway is also home to the occasional deer or mountain lion that might just jump in front of traffic.

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Many of these roads are fairly common highways, which makes it pretty nuts that they’re so dangerous! Do you have the guts to drive on them?

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