After reviewing the stats, we’ve come to the conclusion that people love spooky stuff. The excitement of hosting horror movie marathons and planning Halloween costumes months in advance, or the nervous anticipation that comes with entering a haunted attraction, really gets the blood pumping. It’s all fun and games… until a real ghost shows up.

We’re not too sure if even the most devoted horror enthusiasts could handle the real-life spookiness of America’s most haunted cemeteries. Upon seeing the terrors in these final resting spots, you, too, would dart the opposite way, frantically calling for your mommy. In the words of author R.L. Stine, “reader beware — you’re in for a scare!”

1. Forest Park Cemetery (New York): This abandoned cemetery is home to countless urban legends. One of the most ominous claims that the graveyard houses the “Gateway to Hell.” That’s a bit too reminiscent of 2014’s As Above, So Below!

Visitors leave with tales of a decapitated angel statue who bleeds from the neck, though that’s been debunked. However, nothing has explained the eerie green glow that radiates from the cemetery’s ramshackle mausoleum, exactly where coffins were once located. No thanks!

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2. St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 (Louisiana): This measly one-block long historic site, which opened circa 1789, is allegedly home to eminent “Voodoo Queen” Marie Laveau herself. People visit her grave to ask her for favors.

To conjure up Marie’s ghost, visitors would draw three Xs on her mausoleum, and sometimes knock three times on her tomb. As of 2019, however, this witchy vandalism comes with a hefty fine. Just let Marie rest peacefully.

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3. Union Cemetery (Connecticut): Hundreds swear they’ve seen a mysterious woman wander the gravesite, as well as its nearby roads, at the darkest hours of the night. This woman has appropriately been deemed “The White Lady,” and she doesn’t exactly mind her business.

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After a man’s frightening 2009 encounter with The White Lady, famed paranormal investigators Lorraine and Ed Warren supposedly got footage of the spirit in the cemetery, which they kept under lock and key until their death due to its “value.” Hmm.

4. Bonaventure Cemetery (Georgia): Everyone knows that sinister children rule cinema’s horror genre, and one also rules this noted cemetery. Little Gracie Watson, the daughter of a hotel manager, tragically died of pneumonia at just six years old.

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But death didn’t stop her from causing a ruckus in Savannah, Georgia. The little one, who’s now over 125 years old, has been witnessed playing among the graveyard tombstones and, even creepier, her own memorial statue is rumored to cry tears of crimson blood.

5. Howard Street Cemetery (Massachusetts): Though the late 1600s saw Salem’s women in constant fear of being accused of being witches, it’s the ghost of a man, who was killed for supposedly having been a warlock, that lurks around this burial ground.

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Giles Cory was tortured to death at his “trial” and still seeks revenge against authority figures. Legend has it that whenever the ghost of Giles Cory is seen, it’s only a matter of minutes before tragedy strikes. He’s one angry dude.

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6. Hollywood Forever Cemetery (California): As you could imagine, this cemetery is painted with some of Holllywood’s most famous faces, making it part burial ground, part tourist attraction. Of the many celeb corpses, Rudolph Valentino, who passed in 1926, aims to steal the show.

The ghost of the actor is rumored to prowl the cemetery grounds. For years, a mysterious woman in black visited his grave annually; and though this veiled lady is now deceased, she’s been spotted paying her respects to this very day.

7. Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery (Illinois): This sweet supernatural hot spot is hidden inside a Cook County forest. Once used for secretly stashing the dead victims of 1930s gangsters, it’s no surprise that people have sworn they’ve seen bodies roaming the grounds.


This burial ground is also home to a spirit known as the “Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove,” who’s commonly spotted perched on the tombstones. Urban legends say she was buried next to her child and can be witnessed during a full moon… cradling her baby’s body.


8. Boothilll Graveyard (Arizona): Founded in the 1870s, this destination is home to Tombstone’s earliest pioneers and outlaws. The tiny burial ground earned its name after several of its residents died abruptly (not to mention violently), with boots still enveloping their feet.

Upon investigating, you may encounter some particularly unfriendly spirits. Allegedly, some of the bodies that reside at Boothill were connected to the infamous 1881 shootout at the the O.K. Corral, and they occasionally show themselves.

9. Resurrection Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleums (Illinois): We’d like to introduce you to Resurrection Mary, AKA “the vanishing hitchhiker.” Her spirit, which has been around since the 1930s, is the reason this Illinois cemetery has such a haunted reputation, and she’s still looking to hitch a ride.

Mary is said to have died after a dreadful hit-and-run accident took her life. Witnesses have seen her asking young male drivers for a ride to the cemetery. To their utter shock, her body disappears from the passenger seat as they near the haunted gates.


10. Lafayette Cemetery (Colorado): The vampire in this Colorado cemetery was born in Transylvania, or at least that’s what his headstone claims. The tree that sits at the foot of the memorial stone is said to have sprouted from the stake that killed him.

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People even say that the nearby rose bushes are his long, bloody fingernails reincarnated. While these facts are near whimsical, you may not find the tall, thin man, known to don black clothes and quietly sit on a grave as amusing.

Not far from this gravesite, in the remote mountains of Colorado, lies the Stanley Hotel. At first glance, it’s an impressively large and well-maintained inn that can house a variety of guests and events. Once you learn the history, however, you realize just how creepy it actually is…

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The story of the Stanley Hotel began in 1903 when American inventor Freelan Oscar Stanley, founder of the carpet cleaning service company Stanley Steamers, landed on his deathbed with a severe case of tuberculosis. Following medical advice, he and his wife ventured out to Colorado for the therapeutic mountain air.

After a few calm weeks, Freelan became bored of the rural living. So, he and his wife, who had a lot of money, designed a massive 48-room Georgian mansion on 160 acres of land, complete with lavish luxuries to attract guests.

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When their vision was completed and finally opened to the public in 1909, people took interest in it. Snagging a room at the Stanley was a sign of wealth, and everyone who wanted to flaunt their finances showed up.

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Indeed, business at the Stanley Hotel Business was booming right from the start. Soon after its grand opening, however, guests reported unusual things happening.

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Guests frequently heard strange noises echoing through the winding halls and empty corridors. Many left with an eerie feeling, but it wasn’t until a popular author stayed overnight in the ’70s that the hotel truly developed its frightening reputation.

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Stephen King, his wife Tabitha, and their son sought refuge in the hotel one wintry evening. They were the only guests in the entire place, which was creepy on its own, but what happened to King while he slept truly chilled him to the bone.

In the dead of night, a nightmare haunted King: a demonic presence was chasing his son all throughout the halls of the hotel. Even after waking, King couldn’t shake the horrible feeling, and he turned his experience into perhaps his most popular novel, The Shining.

The room King and his family stayed in was number 217, which was changed to 237 in the film adaptation of his book. But, there was actually a sinister history to room 217, which may have explained King’s terrifying ordeal.

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In 1911, two years after the hotel opened, there was a severe gas leak in the room unbeknownst to any of the hotel staff. The head housekeeper went in, lit a candle, and was killed instantly when the gas exploded. Her spirit allegedly never left the room.

But Room 217 is not the only area of the hotel said to be haunted. Many visitors claim to have heard the music of a piano coming from the concert hall, even though the room was empty. Some even swore they saw the piano’s keys moving on their own.

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There’s also an entity known as “Paul” who apparently haunts the hallways of the hotel. He was once an employee whose job it was to ensure guests followed the 11 p.m. curfew. People claim to hear the words “get out” murmured after dark.

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One of the spookiest presences said to roam the hotel corridors is a 13-year-old girl named Lucy. As the story goes, she ran away from home and hid in the basement of the hotel. When employees found her, they tossed her out into the cold, and she froze to death.

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Need proof of Lucy? Well, this was a picture taken by a hotel guest named Stephanie Reidl. What looks like a small girl dressed in pink standing in front of the wall, but Stephanie adamantly denied there was ever a young girl on her hotel tour that day.


Here’s another unsettling photo taken by a family from Aurora, Colorado, during one of the hotel’s “spirit tours.” You can clearly see the shape of a young girl dressed in white walking down the grand staircase; the family swears the girl wasn’t there when they snapped the picture.

Jessica Martinez-Mausling / Facebook

Of course, all the sightings of apparent ghosts and otherworldly energies do little to deter guests from booking rooms. People from all over flock to the Stanley to hopefully get a dose of the excitement — and the scares — it offers.

The hotel completely embraces the fact it was the basis for The Shining. Decorating the walls of every room are stills from the movie and artwork dedicated to Stanley Kubrick’s terrifying vision.

In fact, every Halloween, the hotel hosts a massive costume party anyone can attend. Everyone dresses up to the nines and parties all night long. It’s a fantastically fun way to honor America’s most haunted hotel!

Both Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick helped the Stanley Hotel become a massive tourist attraction. If the spirit of Freelan Oscar Stanley does, in fact, watch over the premise, it makes you wonder what he thinks of everything…


Are you the kind of person who likes to get spooked? There are plenty of haunted locations throughout the country, but if you’re looking for the place that inspired a classic horror movie and gave meaning to the term “redrum,” there’s only one Stanley Hotel — check out the video below for more on it.