Young Mother’s Secret Double Life Is Exposed After She Vanishes Into Thin Air

No matter who you are, the phrase "soccer mom" will likely conjure up the same images. Perhaps you picture a woman who has everything perfectly organized. Or maybe you see the mom who never misses her kids' games and who's always carting around four or five members of the team in her minivan. However, titles and appearances can sometimes be very deceiving.

To most who knew her, Paige Birgfeld of Colorado was superstar soccer mom; she was a working, single mother of three who did everything in her power to provide for her children. But Paige had a secret, and her perfect soccer-mom façade all unraveled when she left home one night to go out on a date...

Paige Birgfield was raising her three kids—Taft, Kohl, and Jess—all by herself in Grand Junction, Colorado. She'd taken on the challenge of caring for them as a single mom after divorcing her abusive second husband. She worked tirelessly to provide for them.
To get by, Paige ran several businesses out of her home, selling house goods and baby supplies. At one point, she even opened a dance school! Still, busy as Paige was, she never complained about her duties.
Paige's daughter, Jess, described her as a true "soccer mom" who would drop everything if it meant helping her kids. However, Paige had a secret—one she hid from everyone except a few close friends. In 2007, that secret started to unravel.
On June 27, 2007, Paige left her kids with a nanny while she traveled 120 miles to have a picnic with Howard Biegler, her first husband (not the children's father). Paige and Howard hoped to rekindle their relationship, and after a nice date, Paige left at about 9 p.m. to go back home.