This Mother Was Filming Her Twins When She Saw Something That’s a Parent’s Worst Nightmare

Nicky Walla, a mom in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, loved taking family videos. She was always capturing the happy moments that she and her husband Nate shared with their children.

So it was not unusual that Nicky was taking a video of her twin boys one day around a decade ago. In fact, it was only natural, as she was filming one of her two toddlers adorably feed the other cereal in the living room.

But the mom was suddenly distracted by the sound of the phone hanging off the hook. She swung around with the camera, at which point she saw something truly horrific. So horrific, in fact, that she dropped the recording device and started screaming.

But in the seconds before the video goes sideways the viewer can see what’s terrified Nicky. Another of her sons, seven-year-old Gavin, is silently suffocating with a window blind cord terrifyingly wrapped right around his neck.

The Walla family decided to release the disturbing footage ten years after the harrowing event as a stark warning to other parents. Gavin was incredibly lucky to survive, but tens of other children in the U.S. haven’t been so lucky.