No matter what your beliefs, you have to respect anyone who decides to become a monk. Any person who’s willing to dedicate his entire life to a higher purpose is special, but there are those whose devotion is considered especially exceptional, and are especially deserving of admiration.

Fu Hou of China was one of those special people. When he passed away in 2012, his fellow monks were understandably heartbroken, but what they did to memorialize him was utterly shocking.

In 2012, at the age of 94, a revered monk named Fu Hou passed away. He spent most of his life in China’s Chongfu Temple.


Following his passing, Hou’s body was mummified and sealed inside a huge tomb shaped like pottery. Then, four years later, his body was exhumed.

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The other monks wanted to memorialize him in a special way. So they washed his body, covered it in several layers of gauze and lacquer, and then painted it in a way that was reserved only for the most respected monks.

After preparing the body, Fu Hou’s brothers meticulously painted it with layer after layer of gold leaf.

It is believed that such monks are so pure that, some day, they will keep their body intact as they rise out of their tombs.

In this photo taken March 16, 2016, a man takes a photo of the mummified body of revered Buddhist monk Fu Hou in Quanzhou city in southeastern China's Fujian province. The monk, who died in 2012 at the age of 94, was prepared for mummification by his temple to commemorate his devotion to Buddhism. The mummifed remains were then treated and covered in gold leaf, a practice reserved for holy men in some areas with strong Buddhist traditions. (Chinatopix via AP) CHINA OUTWTOP

 Fu Hou’s body is on display and openly worshiped by the public. He can be found in the inner chamber of Dongdan, an ancestral hall of shrines.

It’s incredible to see the lengths that Fu Hou’s followers have gone to honor him. If he could see what his fellow monks did for him, he would certainly be proud!

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