This Man’s Mysterious Death Continued To Baffle Authorities Even After It Was ‘Solved’

A mysterious and unidentifiable body showing up in your town may sound the like the perfect setup for a crime-based TV show, but while it sounds far-fetched, it actually happens more often than most people would like to think.

These mysteries can be both scary for the citizens of that town and equally frustrating for the investigators whose job it is to solve the crime. Is there a madman on the loose or was it a personal attack?

When the remains of an unidentified person showed up at the Dovestone reservoir one morning, it left authorities scratching their heads. Though, when they eventually solved the crime they were left with more questions than answers...

One morning not long ago, a cyclist came upon the body of a man in a remote area of Saddleworth Moor in South Pennines, Northern England. The deceased man didn't appear to be a vagrant, in fact, he was well dressed. When authorities arrived to the scene, though, they were baffled as they were unable to identify just who he was...
Saddleworth Moor is an extremely remote area in the Peak District National Park. There didn't appear to be foul play in this man's death, however, as he was discovered with his arms at his side in quite a peaceful position.
Authorities assumed the man had to be between the ages of 65 and 75. When he arrived to the mortician, they nicknamed the man, who was still unidentified at the time, Neil Dovestones after the area where he was found. When they proceeded to conduct an autopsy they were shocked at what they discovered.
When the results from his autopsy returned, it was discovered that he had died from strychnine poisoning.