Nail Techs Share Eye-Opening Details That More People Should Understand

Did you know that nail technicians have interesting and eye-opening secrets to share? Turns out there’s more to filing nails and tackling cuticles than we thought. We’re going to keep you on your toes by presenting the most polished information from your local beauty salon. From hazardous chemicals to surprising “do’s” and “don’ts”, this article truly hits the nail on the head…

1. Don’t bring your own nail file

You may think you’re doing the right thing by bringing along your own nail file for the technician to use. Yet, in fact, this is frowned upon. How come? Hygiene for one thing: the cleanliness of your tools can’t be guaranteed. Bacteria can lurk everywhere. When you let a professional handle your digits, everything should be spotless!

2. Get off the phone

Are you one of those people who thinks nothing of taking, or making, a lengthy phone call while getting your nails done? We’ve got news for you: you’re probably annoying the technician! Just as folk don’t enjoy listening to someone constantly yapping away in a public space, so the same rule applies here. It’s rude and treats the pro with disrespect.

3. It’s a surprisingly dangerous job 

It isn’t on the same level as, say, a hostage negotiator or bomb-disposal expert. Still, becoming a nail technician can be quite dangerous at times. What’s so deadly about sitting around staring at people’s fingers? For starters, the chemicals you’ll use on a daily basis. Are nail technicians doing themselves harm breathing in cosmetic substances? Some experts certainly believe they may be.

4. “I’m a nail technician, not a medical professional”

Nail technicians are experts at dealing with whatever may happen at the end of your hands and feet. Yet they aren’t happy to deal with everything. An ingrowing toenail is best left to your doctor rather than someone with a flair for a pedicure. In fact, pedicures on ingrowing toenails are not the best idea in the world, in case you hadn’t twigged!