Natalie Wood’s 30-Year-Old Case Reopens After Key Witness Exposes Dark New Detail

It’s not the question of how Natalie Wood died but why that has made her story one of enduring intrigue over the past 30+ years. The whole case is so engulfed in mystery, loose ends, and odd details that when it was reopened in 2011, it felt like Natalie’s death was finally getting the investigation it deserved.

It turns out the passage of time brings new details — and fresh perspectives. When one key witness came forward with his own version of the event, the world couldn’t look away. But the details he exposed were more than just dark — they were downright sinister.

An Oscar nominee, a drunken argument, an accidental drowning — the details that make the story swirling around Natalie Wood’s untimely death so captivating. Even three decades later, it’s one of the few unsolved cases to garner such fascination.

If there’s anything that everyone can agree with about the starlet’s death, it’s that some of the details just don’t add up. But on the outside, at least, it seems like an open-and-shut case. In fact, it’s the story the public believed for years. 

Natalie and her husband Robert Wagner spent the night drinking heavily and fighting loudly aboard the Splendour. She disappeared sometime during the night and was found floating in the water the next morning. This is the story everyone believed to be true...

But it’s the nitty-gritty details that continue to confound police and the world alike. How did Natalie, who was famously terrified of water, end up drowning? Why would she be “escaping” in just a nightgown and robe? And why was she covered with bruises?