It might seem like the life of a National Geographic photographer is pretty glamorous, but capturing pictures of wild animals can be dangerous. Some photographers have to find out the hard way that certain animals do not want their photo taken.

1. Yikes.


2. I will slowly eat your film.


3. Uh oh.


4. Attacked with cuteness.


5. How’s about you Crocodile Dundon’tdo that?

when-animals-attack-humans-ikce7zqs (1)

6. “I said no photos!”

Wham! In a flash, the Dusky Grouse went on the attack, lunging at Ralph with beak and claws flailing. He opened a nasty gash in Ralph’s face.

7. This is what you get for wearing boxers outside.

The leopard attacks Mr Kotelnikov's camera bag. His camera was broken during the episode

8. Oh this is nice…

polar bear

…Or not.

polar bear 2

9. Hey there.


10. Must have thought it was a rabbit.


Definitely not a rabbit.


11. Okay, not a wild animal but you still better watch out!


That dream of becoming a wildlife photographer suddenly looks much less appealing. Ouch.

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