Lisa Marie Presley’s Half-Brother Navarone Confesses His Real Feelings About His Family

The name Navarone Garcia might not ring a bell for a lot of people, but that’s actually by his own design. Despite coming from one of the world’s most famous families, Priscilla Presley’s only son has lived his life in relative anonymity — that is, until recently. After returning to the spotlight in early 2023 to attend the Graceland memorial service of his half-sister, Lisa Marie, Navarone finally decided to open up about his life and his family.

Navarone’s father

Navarone was born in 1987 to Priscilla and her long-term boyfriend Marco Garibaldi. They were together for 22 years — although they never married — and not a lot was publicly known about the relationship. Garibaldi is a writer/director with credits on the likes of Across the Hall, Dallas, and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but he later became a computer programmer and developed real estate.

Avoiding the spotlight

Despite being part of the Presley family, Navarone grew up away from the limelight. As he told People magazine, “A lot of people know about me. But they don't know me.” Of his childhood, he revealed, “I got in trouble more than everybody else, because kids’ parents would find out who my mom was, and they’d want a reason to talk to her. I wasn’t very comfortable with it.”

Being his own man

In 2012 Priscilla told The Guardian newspaper that her son had always wanted to stand on his own two feet. She enthused, “My son Navarone is his own person. He wants to do his own thing, and I’m really proud of him. He doesn’t want to step into the spotlight, and he’s always been that way. He’s not riding on Elvis, and he’s not riding on Lisa.”

Growing up without comparisons

The proud mama stressed that she never raised Navarone or Lisa Marie with comparisons to her legendary ex-husband. She explained, “We have never been, ‘Elvis this, Elvis that,’ to our children because otherwise you’re building up something that is almost unreachable for them.” Unfortunately, there was one person in Priscilla’s life who seemed to suffer from Elvis’ legacy hanging over the family.