It’s easy to become caught up in the routine of a standard nine-to-five job and feel like you’re in a rut. No matter how much you love your job, it’s bound to become boring at some point or another.

That’s why finding ways to pass the time, boost company morale, and make your fellow coworkers smile is crucial. What better way to do that than having a sense of humor and playing silly pranks on each other in the process? Just take these 27 office jokers, for example. They quickly turned a dull day into something that made even the strictest boss chuckle…

1. Having plants in your office is a surefire way to really spruce up your surroundings, but if you’re going to plant seeds in your keyboard, you’d better make sure it’s waterproof. On the bright side, you’ll always have a garnish at lunch!

2. Everyone has that one coworker who leaves Post-it notes on practically everything in the office. Rest assured, however, that that person uses nowhere near as much as this guy does. “Remember to post more Post-it notes” read his last Post-it note.

3. Being passive aggressive in the office is certainly never recommended, but you have to admit, these guys took it to a whole new level. This is like the office version of “If you build it, they will come,” but more like, “If you leave it, he will eat it.”

4. Being able to work remotely is surely every employee’s dream, and what better place to get some work done than in your own private Christmas cabin? Well, this one’s actually still in the office… but you get the idea, right?

5. It definitely wouldn’t take very long before someone realized that something was up with these “mint” Oreos. It’s hard to be mad at someone for feeding you and taking care of your dental hygiene, though. Good luck filing a complaint.

6. This is the sort of thing that happens when you were promised a private bathroom when you got the job, but the plans for it fell through. “Yeah, Ben, that’s your private bathroom over there. Don’t mind the other people using it, too.”

7. Either this man is totally in on the joke, or the person who works with him just waits for the perfect moment each day where the stars align and he transforms into a baby hippopotamus.

8. Nothing brightens up a boring day at the office quite like free doughnuts. Can the same be said for mystery April Fools doughnuts? If you’re unsure about giving one a try, maybe let someone else bite into one first to be on the safe side.

9. Either there’s a serious head cold and flu spreading around this office or someone’s got a lot of explaining to do. “It’s started with Greg, he was sick first, then it went to Ryan, and now everyone is sick. There was no other option!”

10. Don’t mind the buttons on this coffee maker, because this is the new voice-activated model. It’s just getting started so it might take a while to make your cup… like, so long that you might eventually figure out you’ve been punked.

11. Can you imagine needing that much toilet paper? Everyone in the office must have eaten something bad at lunch. Either that, or they decided to turn the company toilet paper into an art installation. “It’s art… for your arse!”

12. This is what you get for trying to be polite by letting your coworkers know where you are at any given point in time. At the end of the day, at least they’re concerned of your whereabouts. It would almost be worse if they didn’t leave any notes at all, right?

13. If you really want to make sure your office prank goes over well, just set your phone to call this one every few minutes and watch as your office mates scramble to answer it every time. Just be sure that you don’t have to hear it, too!

14. Apparently this company had a meeting about getting an office pet, and when they finally settled on purchasing a shark tank, this was what the manager brought the following Monday morning. At least there are lots of sharks!

15. You can tell this telephone must be on the wall of a start-up company, because it doesn’t look anything like an iPhone. “I can’t seem to send text messages with this thing. Not to mention, I don’t think I’m connected to WiFi either.”

16. If you have any inclination to believe you’re being sly about using the internet on company time, think again. Your boss is the omnipotent ruler of their domain. “Don’t think for a second that I didn’t see you updating your Pinterest board.”

17. Just because you work in an office, it doesn’t mean your physicality won’t come into play at some point. For instance, if you worked at this office, you would most definitely want to be the fastest person in case of polar bear attacks.

18. Well, that’s one way of letting your coworkers know you don’t want spoiler alerts about last night’s Game of Thrones episode. No one is going to ruin anything for the guy who controls the speed of their computer, that’s for sure.

19. Being tall has its perks. For one, you can easily see the stage at any given concert. On the other hand, you don’t think about all of the inconveniences, like, for instance, getting a mouthful of the bathroom spray. Yuck!

20. This is what happens when you always park in the best spot at the office. “If you’re going to park so close to the entrance and exit doors, then I’m going to give you a ticket. And no, I don’t care if it’s a model car. Time to pay up.”

21. You have to imagine this person must be asked of Ed’s whereabouts on a pretty regular basis. So much, in fact, that they were forced to make this hilarious flow chart. Just another day in the life of the person sitting next to almighty Ed!

22. That’s certainly one way of looking at the sign, but how exactly does that tie into office hygiene? It’s like an office bathroom Rorschach test. “You can say whatever you want to say, but when I look at it, I see a potato.”

23. Ramon’s wife must have helped write the Saw movies, because leaving pastries around an office where everyone is dieting is absolute torture. “Why couldn’t she have been inspired to make a plate of broccoli instead?”

24. If you’ve ever flipped over your computer mouse and wondered what the tiny laser on the bottom was for, now you know. Turns out that this office prankster knew all along. “This isn’t the last you’ll see from me, ‘I’ll be back.'”

25. Whoever said the IT department was only good for fixing the office computers must not have known they took the company craft lesson pretty seriously. Let’s just hope there’s not any important company data on those disks!

26. You have to think this person doesn’t like receiving constructive criticism, or any criticism for that matter. “Oh, you think I type too loudly and I could better spend my time working on more important projects? Fire in the hole!”

27. They must have promised this man lots of gifts when he was hired, but he never could’ve expected this many. “When you work with us, every day is a gift. Now get to unwrapping, because we’re going to be here a while.”

28. This just goes to show that there’s always more than one way to look at an everyday object. Where you see a refreshing brew of sweet caffeine coming your way, someone else sees a squatting sumo wrestler making, well… something for you. Eek!

See? Having a sense of humor at the office can really make a dull job more fun. You just hope no one pulls any of the more annoying pranks on you!