There are some people who long for the good old days, when “real” men with beards tilled their own fields, built their own log cabins, and, of course, died with no teeth at the age of 45.

Those people would probably benefit from learning about these weird, uncomfortable, and frankly bizarre jobs that technology has thankfully made a thing of the past. Seriously, you won’t believe these.

1. Before the invention of modern radar, soldiers had to stick their heads in these contraptions to listen for incoming enemy aircraft.


2. Before we had chemical pest control, rat hunting was the sport of kings.


3. This winter, be thankful you’re inside watching Netflix and not working as an ice cutter.


4. Before we invented alarm clocks, you could have had a career as a “knocker up,” going around being the worst part of everyone’s day.


5. Imagine if your first summer job was as a bowling pin setter.


6. Almost all calls used to have to be run through manual switchboard operators.


7. Ah, the milk man. Classic, for sure, but hardly efficient.


8. Factory work used to be so tedious and boring that they had to hire lectors to read to workers.


9. Before medical science became a legitimate enterprise, many physicians and universities employed body snatchers, or “resurrectionists,” to dig up and steal corpses for study.


Your desk job probably doesn’t seem so bad now, does it? It really makes you appreciate just how far we’ve come.

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