When most people see an abandoned house, they picture an eerie, run-down structure that’s gradually being reclaimed by nature. They are often crumbling, and because of that, they give off an eerie vibe. But when urban explorers like Leslie David envision an abandoned home, they see an opportunity for adventure.

Brave explorers like Leslie willingly venture into abandoned houses with the hopes of uncovering something strange, like a secret history or even hidden treasure that most of us would’ve otherwise assumed to be garbage. during one recent exploration, however, Leslie found something entirely unexpected that would change her life forever…

Leslie David is an urban explorer in Ontario, Canada, who bravely scours abandoned houses to photograph them. During one particular excursion, Leslie came across a two-story home that appeared to be in shambles.

She wrote on Instagram that “the driveway was overgrown, the roof was caving in, and the interior would lead anyone to believe this land had been deserted.” Leslie was sure no one was possibly living inside.

Leslie found a way inside the house and readied her camera to take some photos… and that was when she came face-to-face with a man. She had no idea that someone had been living there! Luckily, he wasn’t upset…

He introduced himself as Lawrence and explained that he had trouble seeing—he had cataracts in his left eye and his right eye was missing completely. It had clearly been years since he last received medical attention.

Leslie was startled by how sweet and kind he was, even after she essentially broke into his house. He told her about his life, along with his struggles and hardships. The two ended up talking for three hours, so Leslie decided to continue seeing Lawrence on a regular basis, offering him food and friendship.

After spending some time together, Leslie learned that a bull fractured Lawrence’s hip in 2000, which was the start of a string of injuries. Just before they met, he had suffered a stroke; he had trouble moving his hands, and it took him some time to receive the medical help he needed, which worsened the stroke’s effects.

They continued to meet for dinner dates and conversations about life, even when Lawrence was briefly admitted to the hospital. Leslie became Lawrence’s closest confidante, and as time went on, the two grew to learn a lot about one another.

She even made him vegetable soup and mashed potatoes, as Leslie didn’t think Lawrence was eating much all by himself. It was amazing how quickly her instinct to care for a stranger kicked into gear.

Leslie decided she needed to do something more—so she helped fix up Lawrence’s house. She enlisted some volunteers, who helped her “remove his old fridge, stove, and chest freezer, along with numerous bags of garbage and other content.”

She went on: “It’s a rare opportunity and I’m glad I was able to accept the challenge.” The house was so out of shape that, even after visiting multiple times, it amazed and saddened Leslie to see Lawrence’s life in such disarray.

That wasn’t the only problem either. Because of his health complications, it was simply too hard for him to take care of himself, let alone the house. How was he going to manage in the long term?

Cleaning up the house was a big success and Leslie wrote that Lawrence was “in good spirits and is very happy to have some room in his home.” Everyone who helped was overjoyed to see his reaction, too.

Leslie said it was “all made possible by a very generous company and a few awesome boys with big hearts and strong lower backs.” Talk about doing some very seriously good deeds!

Unfortunately, Lawrence’s health started to rapidly decline, so he asked Leslie to come over to help him make funeral arrangements—just in case. Leslie appreciated being able to help him with such important matters, however sad, and said she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Lawrence told her that the first day she showed up in his home was the best day of his life. That was when Leslie realized she couldn’t let him spend the last moments of his life alone in that house…

“After a prolonged stay in two different hospitals after his last stroke,” said Leslie, “Lawrence is now living at a local retirement home and doing much better.” It was a tough decision, but the right one for Lawrence.

Though Lawrence missed his home, he was happy to be around other people. He loved it whenever Leslie would visit, especially when she’d bring her dog, Violet, who became “a favorite around the home.”

Leslie’s mother even made Lawrence a cake for his birthday! “Happy birthday to this young fella!” Leslie wrote. She explained that she felt lucky that she met Lawrence, and that he gave her the chance to perform “an act of kindness with no expectation of a reward.”

Thanks to Leslie, Lawrence now wouldn’t ever have to worry about cleaning or trying to find people to help. It’s amazing to think about how this friendship might never have been formed if Leslie hadn’t walked into that house.

Leslie really changed Lawrence’s life, and she allowed him to enjoy the last of his golden years the way he deserved to: with the help of new friends all around. It really teaches a powerful lesson!

Thankfully, Leslie isn’t the only kind soul around. It should come as no surprise, but homelessness can really wear on a person. With no stability in life, it can be nearly impossible to find a job or the money necessary to fix your situation. Olivia and her family knew all about that.

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As the winter of 2016 approached, Olivia; her husband, Eric; and their three children found life pretty hopeless. They lived in a converted school bus that repeatedly broke down, and they had no money, no jobs, and no prospects. Nothing was going well for them.

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The family moved from Florida to Missouri in hopes of a better life, but they found few opportunities there. They hit the road again, but they hadn’t even traveled 1,000 miles before their bus broke down in Colorado. At that point, they were homeless, jobless, penniless, and stuck.

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From there, the nightmare worsened. Someone stole all of Eric’s IDs. They couldn’t find work, and making matters infinitely worse, they couldn’t find the money for RV sites. That’s how they ended up parked behind a gas station on Thanksgiving Day.


“We didn’t think we were going to have a Christmas at all,” Olivia told Denver 7 News. “We’d have been lucky if we had enough food, or if we got jobs.” As a family, they were at rock bottom. And then they came face to face with Virginia Kinch…

Trevor Reid / Greeley Tribune

It was a strange set of circumstances that allowed for Virginia and Olivia to meet. Back in September 2016, Virginia had been selling some items from her basement on Craigslist when several interesting responses filled her mailbox.

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Single mothers seemed to be the only people responding to Virginia’s Craigslist postings. None of them could afford Virginia’s stuff, but they all offered to exchange work for the items they wanted. That’s when Virginia had an idea.

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Instead of selling the junk she’d cleaned out of her basement, Virginia decided to give it away. “Take what you need,” she told the inquiring mothers. Virginia wanted to support those in need, and she truly enjoyed the feeling that came from being generous.

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By the time Thanksgiving rolled around, Virginia, her husband, and their three teenage daughters were passing out food to the homeless around town. They knew about the family living behind the gas station in a broken down bus, so they prepared them a special Thanksgiving meal.

But when Virginia and her family knocked on the bus’s door—and came face to face with Olivia and her kids—they saw something eerie. It was like looking in a mirror. There, homeless, broke, and hungry, were a mother, a father, and three little girls. In another life, it could have been the Kinch family in that bus—and that broke Virginia’s heart.

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“We fed them and went home and cried,” Virginia told Denver 7 News, “and decided that we needed to do something.” But what could they do? Virginia and her husband had their own house and children to take care of. Still, the family had an unbelievable idea…

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The Kinch family had a second house in the city of Greeley, Colorado. Virginia and her husband had planned to rent or sell it, but after chatting with Olivia behind the gas station, they thought of a better use for it.

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That’s how Virginia ended up driving back to ask Olivia and her family if they wanted to move into the Kinch’s spare house. “I just didn’t think it was real,” Olivia said. “Like a cruel joke… ’cause who does that? Nobody does that.”

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“We just couldn’t leave them like that [with] those little babies in the cold,” Virginia told the Longmont Daily Times-Call. She donated her house to people she didn’t know at all until they got back on their feet. But Virginia wasn’t finished!

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For a week, Virginia and her family collected donations of food, clothes, and toys from people around the town. Her teenage daughters even offered to return Christmas presents so more money could go to supporting Olivia and her kids! The community had even more surprises for the struggling family…

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Remember that Olivia’s husband, Eric, had lost all of his forms of identification somewhere along the way to Colorado? Well, the local church in Greeley, Colorado, stepped in and helped find replacements!

While Eric had his IDs replaced, Olivia found daycare for her kids. Without having to care for and supervise them 24 hours per day, she and her husband were free to interview for jobs again. They had momentum in the right direction!

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“It can be really difficult to get out of homelessness. People don’t understand that it’s so unstable, it’s so hard to get your footing and get out of it,” explained Olivia. Thanks to Virginia, though, this family was certainly on their way.

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Meanwhile, Virginia plotted what to do with the property once Olivia and her family were able to secure a residence of their own. If all went well, she figured she’d loan the house to another homeless family in need.

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In the end, because Virginia and her family cared about others so much, Olivia and her kids were able to have a very merry, indoor Christmas! Olivia said it best: “People just need someone to care.”

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