Weird Objects Accidentally Uncovered At The Bottom Of The Ocean

While the sun and stars ask questions even the most powerful telescopes can't yet answer, space isn't the only frontier shrouded in mystery. Earth's oceans hold many secrets themselves, and scientists are constantly uncovering head-scratching objects hiding down deep.

You might not be the type of person ready to jump into a wet suit, grab a snorkel, and go deep-sea exploring, but when you see these incredible underwater discoveries, you just might want to launch your own treasure-hunting expedition!

1. F4U Corsair: This sunken aircraft has been deep underwater since it crashed during World War II. Amazingly, the water hadn't eroded too much of the material. You can almost picture those propellers spinning while it soars through the sky.
2. The Antikythera Mechanism: Discovered in the early 20th century, this sunken ancient computer from 205 BCE was used to track the movement of the stars and the moon in relation to the Earth.
3. The Ghost Fleet: These remains mark the watery graves of soldiers who lost their lives during a sea battle in this lagoon during World War II. Imagine suddenly coming across this during a routine scuba dive!
4. Sculpture Park: Can you believe this site in Cancun, Mexico, is a museum? For a small fee (and a large oxygen tank) visitors can deep-dive to see these amazing underwater sculptures. It's like a whole civilization underwater.