A beautiful picture frame can really change the whole feel of a room. Fill it with a classic family portrait or vacation photos and suddenly the warmth and energy of the room can be entirely flipped. But did you know that are a lot of non-traditional uses for frames that can be even more awesome?

Take a look at these incredible ideas on how to put those old picture frames to better use. You can thank us later!

1. How about making this awesome inspirational mood board?

The Anastasia Co.

2. A reusable calendar is a great way to stay on top of your schedule.

24-diy-frame-ideasPlum And Bear

3. Keep track of those pesky pins with this adorable framed cushion.


4. Use this awesome tiny chalkboard to keep track of your life or to inspire yourself and others.

Artsy Chicks Rule.

5. Or, how’s about super-sizing that idea?

21-diy-frame-ideasThe Frugal Homemaker

6. If chalk isn’t your thing, you can make a fancy dry-erase board.

Canary Street Crafts

7. This is one to-do list you will love to do.

18-diy-frame-ideasMadigan Made

8. Create a stylish jewelry organizer.

17-diy-frame-ideasPinterest / Elinée

9. A framed peg-board can really make your tools look great.

16-diy-frame-ideasDawn Nicole

10. Have a problem keeping track of your keys? Not anymore.

14-diy-frame-ideasReal Simple

11. Use this frame idea to cover up those unsightly items around your house.

13-diy-frame-ideasMy Uncommon Slice Of Suburbia

12. Your picture frames can look awesome as refrigerator art.

27-diy-frame-ideasReal Simple

13. Your shelves have never been framed so well.

12-diy-frame-ideasCountry Living / Claire Richardson

14. Instead of leaving it on the counter, charge your phone in this stylish framed charging-station.

11-diy-frame-ideasThe DIY Mommy

15. Hanging bookshelves never looked so good.

09-diy-frame-ideasChange of Scenery

16. A frame can even be used as a vanity tray.

Real Simple

17. Headboards are expensive – use picture frames!

08-diy-frame-ideasBetter Homes and Gardens

18. A framed, cork hot-plate really makes the kitchen pop.


19. And if you have some leftover cork, make these great coasters.

Apple Pins

20. Make an extra chalkboard frame and use it as a fantastic serving tray!

DIY Network

21. Or use it to serve delicious sweets.

Ruffled Blog

22. Use them as gorgeous outdoor decorations for a wedding.

Bridal Musings

23. They even make great decorations by themselves.

Makely Home

24. Show you’re a world traveler by using a wooden frame to house a beautiful map.

28-diy-frame-ideasBlue Roof Cabin

That calendar idea might be the best thing to happen to me – I have to get on that. Frames can be expensive, but many antique and second-hand stores will have them for cheap – and that’s when the fun can start!

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