A water fixture is one of the loveliest additions you can get for your home. Not only are the beautiful to look at, the sound of their gently rushing waters can soothe any troubled spirit.

Unfortunately, you’re not likely to find too many properties that are adjacent to a babbling brook, and installing a feature in your own home can get quite expensive.

But don’t despair. There might just be another way!

First, get your hands on a few old tires of varying size.


Dig a hole for each tire and put down a layer of sand at the bottom.


Shift the tire around until it’s nice and level.


Cut the top of the tire off using a power saw.


Make sure the edge is clean.


Line the inside of the tires with with a pool liner, and then cut the material to fit.


Surround the edges with stones or other decorations.


Add a few plants here and there, and begin filling the pools with water.


Bam. Instant oasis!


Source: dokuchaevsk

I feel more relaxed just looking at that. Of course, some piping will be required in order to keep the water fresh. But just imagine how much she is going to enjoy sitting out by those lovely, shimmering pools. I think I’ll be over at the scrap yard looking for tires if anyone needs me.

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