Don’t Throw Away Your Old Towels! Here Are 10 Clever Ways To Put Them To Good Use

We're often tempted to throw out and replace our old things rather than find ways to recycle and reuse them. However, with just a little bit of imagination, lots of items we might toss in the trash can be retooled for a useful second life.

Take towels, for instance. Bath and beach towels will inevitably wear out and need to be replaced, but instead of throwing the old ones away, try some of these easy projects to put them to good use!

1. Lemon Dust Cloths
Lemon dust cloths are great for cleaning hard surfaces and are super easy to make. To start, you'll need old towels or washcloths, lemons, white vinegar, olive oil, water and an airtight jar or container.
First, cut your towels down to washcloth size. Then, mix equal parts white vinegar and water with a few drops of olive oil in bowl and let your cloths sit in the mixture until they're fully soaked through.
Next, wring out the cloths until they're damp, lay them out flat, and place lemon rinds on top. Then, roll or fold the cloths so the lemon rinds are on the inside.