Natural remedies often come in handy when you’re looking for an easy, inexpensive way to treat what ails you. And while most people think of using salt water as the go-to “cure-all,” it turns out that there’s another thing in your home that you should look to for help: onions.

Try this if you have an earache: cut an onion open and take out the central portion of it. If you plug your ear with the onion heart, you should feel better by morning.


You can also place onions under your feet and hold them inside a sock. This is remarkably effective for killing germs and bacteria, as we’ve highlighted before.


Learn more about the magic you can do with onions!

Going to the doctor and taking prescribed medications should always be your first line of defense, but homeopathic remedies might alleviate your troubles in the interim.

It’s amazing how one vegetable can do so much for your health. And to think that I avoiding onions all this time!

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