The human eye is a true miracle, one we tend to take for granted. Cones and spheres inside our eyes interact with light and send messages to our brains that help us understand every single thing around us—and in fractions of a second to boot! But impressive as they may be, sometimes our eyes can get stuff totally wrong!

When our perceptions get all goofed, and strange angles come into play, our eyes can get momentarily confounded. And while these optical illusions can be confusing, they can also be pretty darn hilarious! These 20 images are perfect examples of just how crazy things look when our eyes don’t understand the information presented to them.

1. Horror flicks are really running out of good monsters, aren’t they? Wait one second… those women aren’t fleeing an attack from the dreaded pup, Paws! He’s running far ahead of them and perspective makes it seem like they are all the same size. 

2. At first glance, this photo could appear to be of a young woman showing off her toned midriff—but look a little bit more closely. She’s actually leaning onto a mannequin displaying a pair of jeans. 

3. Is that a giant furry turkey leg resting on someone’s bed? Yikes, think of the grease stains! Luckily, it’s actually just a very fluffy, grease-free cat who has made himself comfortable in a hilarious position. Don’t eat this chicken! 

4. While it may appear that a Criss Angel disciple is practicing levitation in the middle of the street, that’s merely a mind freak here. In actuality, the asphalt grease stain looks like his shadow, but rest assured, his feet are planted firmly on the ground.

5. Trying to figure out whether this girl is underwater or not can give you a serious headache. There are bubbles that indicate she’s breathing beneath the bright blue waves, but her un-tussled hair indicates she’s got two feet on solid ground.

6. How sweet! A large man with very tiny legs and backward ankles hugs his girlfriend. Or maybe he’s wearing shorts with an interior white pattern that matches his girls’ white pants, making it look like her legs sticking out of his shorts.

7. This might look like a two-headed dog, but don’t go calling the tabloids just yet! If you look closer you’ll see that it’s actually two different dogs. The one in the rear is just standing between his owner’s legs making his body difficult to see. 

8. This photo of a mother and child might look like it’s worth submitting to a “world’s oldest looking baby” contest, but really the young girl just has her head wrapped around her mother’s neck at a funny angle.

9. Hey, don’t just stand around taking pictures! Somebody help this guy! Oh, wait, he isn’t actually in any trouble. He was lying flat on his stomach when the photographer captured the moment and he flipped the angle to make it look like he was holding on for dear life!

10. This famous Russian statue is notoriously somber. That is until you see it covered in snow and it looks like the seated figure is cuddling a very happy white colored kitty cat. More statues should feature cats, don’t you think?

11. What can we say? Some fathers just have a very hard time letting go! While that might be true, the real story here is that this girl’s friend is around her shoulder in such a way to perfectly align with her dad’s outstretched arm!

12. This man has done the impossible: He found a centaur woman to not only love him and accept him for his two human legs, he got her to marry him, too! Okay, alright, it’s just a girl in a wedding dress riding a horse. But still—true love!

13. Proms can be pretty scary, especially when your date turns into a demon from the Underworld just seconds before picking her up! Actually, the girl in pink is just wearing a shade of bright white eyeshadow and blinking at the wrong time.

14. Who knew that hover boards exist and their sole purpose is to help beachgoers give speeches while keeping sand from their shoes? Actually, the shadow of the flag looks like the shadow of the speaking platform, making it look like a hovering sand skiff!

15. How many birds are in this picture? It looks like one, but then, look at all those legs! And wait, there are only 9 legs… Is one of the hiding birds one legged? Please send your top minds to help us figure this one out.

16. Even the Internet couldn’t figure out what’s going on in this picture. Flexible ankles? Prosthetic feet on the wrong direction for the sake of a laugh? A Photoshop? Maybe she’s working out so hard her feet spun. Will the world ever know?

17. All those years of watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and you didn’t realize Kendall Jenner has only one leg? How unobservant. And her second leg is definitely not hiding in that orange dress, so don’t even check.

18. It looks like a seasonal collage: Four photos capturing winter grey, autumn leaves, summer brick-red, and spring ivy all stitched together. But really, it’s one photo of one actual street corner.

19. Give this photo a quick look over and it might seem like this girl’s posing with a third, kneeling leg. Really, though, she’s holding a vase, the top of which blends well with the hem of her dress.

20. Up is down! Down is up! The photographer appears to be sitting with his back to a wall, while the guy behind him displays impressive shoulder strength and flexibility. But really, the cameraman’s got his back on the ground—same with captain handstand, too!

Some of these optical illusions are real headscratchers! Still, each and every one is just as amusing as they are fun to figure out!

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