It’s easy to overlook the little things in life, but it’s important to remember that only when you stop to look around do you notice the beauty in even the most common objects.

Michela Bufalini creates her own beautiful works of art from some of Earth’s most basic materials. She transforms ordinary stones into vibrant, complex scenes, and the realism that she achieves with these simple objects is really a sight to behold.

Artist Michela Bufalini has invented her own medium: Painted rock art. 

painted-pebbles-1Facebook / Michela Bufalini

Michela carefully paints each stone to achieve a level of detail that will stand out when it’s arranged into a larger image.

painted-pebbles-2Facebook / Michela Bufalini

The scenes she creates range from the simple to the sublime.

painted-pebbles-3Facebook / Michela Bufalini

The textures of each stone allow Michela to capture even more depth in each picture than she would get by painting a flat surface.

painted-pebbles-4Facebook / Michela Bufalini

Each image is carefully crafted with a combination of different types of stones, but most of them are smooth on the edges.

painted-pebbles-5Facebook / Michela Bufalini

Below, a family of penguins huddles together, peeping over the edge of a rock.

painted-pebbles-6Facebook / Michela Bufalini

Michela is even able to create people out of the stones. Their forms may be somewhat abstract, but her ability to pick the right pebble for each piece of their bodies is incredible.

painted-pebbles-7Facebook / Michela Bufalini

Her intricate paint details are more evident in some pieces than they are in others, but it’s clear she spends a lot of time perfecting each one.

painted-pebbles-8Facebook / Michela Bufalini

Below is one of Michela’s more whimsical works.

painted-pebbles-9Facebook / Michela Bufalini

Now, that’s an intimidating — but beautiful — bird of prey.

painted-pebbles-10Facebook / Michela Bufalini

Michela has also experimented sculptures made of stone, the different textures of the rocks making the perfect canvas for interesting landscapes.

painted-pebbles-11Facebook / Michela Bufalini

Not all of her work is so highly detailed, and some of her simpler pieces are just as interesting as the complicated ones.

painted-pebbles-12Facebook / Michela Bufalini

Arguably, her most interesting creations are those where she incorporates multiple features, like these birds placed horizontally along a branch.

painted-pebbles-13Facebook / Michela Bufalini

Her creativity seems to know no bounds…

painted-pebbles-14Facebook / Michela Bufalini

…and her talent is beyond impressive!

painted-pebbles-15Facebook / Michela Bufalini

See more of Michela Bufalini’s awesome pebble art on her Facebook page.

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