Renovating your house can be a really expensive process, especially if you want to completely replace major things like, say, your entire floor. Is there any way to pull it off without blowing all of your savings?

Ashley, who runs the blog Domestic Imperfection, is all about finding cheap and creative answers to questions like these. Recently, she came up with one of the most incredible projects we’ve seen, and it looks like a million bucks.

Ashley wanted to give her son’s new room a brand new look, but she want to spend a fortune to do that.


She went out and got a roll of builder’s paper from Home Depot, a gallon of glue, sandpaper, a deck mop, oil-based stain, and water-based floor polyurethanes. All in all, it cost about $80.


After they removed the trim from the bottom of the walls, they got to work tearing the builder’s paper into pieces around a foot in diameter.


The pieces were crinkled up to give them more texture, and then covered on both sides with the glue.


She made sure that all the pieces overlapped a little bit since they were going to shrink as they dried.


It’s best to start at the far corner of the room and work your way back towards the door.


Then it was time for staining.


Once the staining was applied with the deck mop, she added a layer of polyurethane to make sure the pieces set properly.


Everyone stayed out of the room for a week to make sure everything dried.


The end result looks like a floor made from fallen leaves. Beautiful!


What a great idea! It really gives the room a look that’s all its own, and it all cost less than $100! Check out more of Ashley’s amazing projects on Domestic Imperfection.

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